10 Best Adult Manhwa of All Time!!

10 Best Adult Manhwa of All Time!!

10 Best Adult Manhwa of All Time – While Korean Manhwa are getting more attention in the outside world, adult manhwa are still ruling manhwa world from the shadows

There are many people who are into Korean adult manhwa. Aside from being able to enjoy adult novels and anime, there are also tons of webtoons that cater to the adult manhwa genre.
Here is a list of the best adult manhwa you need to read to accept your desires.

10, Household affairs

Household affairs manhwa, 10 Best Adult Manhwa of All Time!!
Household affairs

Household Affairs is a clean and pure erotic manhwa with exciting characters and pace. What’s more erotic than a woman cheating on her husband? Si-Yeon Hong is the wife of Ha-jin, who never shows much interest in her. As a result, she ends up having intercourse with a delivery boy named Yeon-Woo Ha.

Unfortunately, her husband is an assassin, and even she doesn’t know it. Despite making her wife cover his job, he ends up desiring her and realizes it is affecting his professional life. In this confused lust triangle, what fate awaits the individuals?

The artwork is certainly surprising in this adult manhwa, and you’ll enjoy it to the fullest.

  • Alternative: 그집, 사정 (Korean), 2204号室の事情 (Japanese), The House, No Matter (English)
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Ecchi, Manhwa, Mature, Romance, Seinen, Webtoons
  • Author: VultureBoy

9, Sweet Guy

Sweet Guy manhwa, He Does a Body Good, カラダにイイ男, 몸에 좋은 남자
Sweet Guy, 10 Best Adult Manhwa of All Time!!

Sweet Guy manhwa probably resembles many people’s lives and also many people’s dreams as well. Some people often relate to the story. The story follows Hosang, who doesn’t have any luck with women in his life.

It’s almost as if he is invisible to them until he gets electrocuted. Instead of getting hurt, he finds an abnormal power in his body. Soon, the bad days in his life are near the climax.

  • Alternative: He Does a Body Good, カラダにイイ男, 몸에 좋은 남자
  • Genre: Comedy, Harem, Mature, Romance, Supernatural
  • Author: LEE Won-Sik

8, H-Mate

H-Mate Manhwa, Hメイト, H메이트

H-Mate is an adult manhwa that refers to the concept of friends with benefits. The romance played throughout the story is simply astonishing.

Tae and Miro have been best friends for over 15 years. Unfortunately (or fortunately), they end up
sleeping together one night. As a result, things get complicated between them as they seek different relationships.

Do they love each other, or are they merely friends with benefits? Read this romantic adult manhwa to find out the answer.

  • Alternative: Hメイト (Japanese), H메이트 (Korean)
  • Genre: Drama, Harem, Manhwa, Mature, Romance, Seinen, Webtoons
  • Author: Turtle feet

7, Wet Women

Wet Women Manhwa
Wet Women

Just as the title implies its eroticism, this manhwa is incredibly erotic¢ and filled with adult content. The art style makes it even more exciting because it is on point.

Hye Juri works as a delivery girl for a sales company. It’s not just for her living, but there is another reason. She tends to find a man who can satisfy her desires. But can she find the perfect man for her?

  • Alternative: 濕樂園, 젖는여자들, 湿乐园
  • Genre: Manhwa, Smut, Webtoons
  • Author: Sperm king

6, Perfect Half

Perfect Half Mahnwa
Perfect Half

Perfect Half is an excellent manhwa to start with if you’re willing to get into adult manhwa fandom.

You’ll find yourself in a world where wolves and foxes rule the world. In this world, both wolves (men) and foxes (females) are equal, and the only way they can win over the other one is through expressing their domination through intercourse.

Most importantly, they fight to protect their freedom. In this battle of intercourses, who’ll win? Is there salvation for it? We’ll leave it to your imagination, but it is one of the best adult manhwa/adult webtoons out there. Make sure you read it at least once.

  • Alternative: 퍼펙트 하프 (Korean), Một Nửa Hoàn Hảo (Vietnamese – Tiếng Việt – TV)
  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Manhwa, Seinen, Webtoons
  • Author: Luv p

5, Brawling Go!

Brawling GO manhwa
Brawling Go!

Brawling Go! Is one hell of a funny adult manhwa in this list?

It describes the life of a person with abnormal erection defects and presents it hilariously. Jaejin can’t keep his erection for a long time, and in an accident, he somehow undergoes a significant transformation.

But the real challenge is, once he goes under erection, he struggles to make it go down. With his constant erection, he has to deal with his life, and especially when his life fills with women.

  • Alternative: どうしろってんだぁ!(Japanese), 어쩌라GO! (Korean), Brawling Go Manga, Read Brawling Go Manga ; Stand Up! (Warren), Brawling Go Manhwa English
  • Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Manhwa, Romance, Supernatural, Webtoons
  • Author: Worin

4, Lady Garden

Lady Garden Manhwa
Lady Garden

Just imagine yourself surrounded by a bunch of hot women who depend on you all the time
and also takes care of you by helping you with your desires. When Kang Doo gets banned from a UFO competition, he joins as the security guard in a Luxurious mansion known as Lady Garden.

As the name suggests, the mansion only permits hot and beautiful women.But these women face many problems in their daily life, and Kang Doo has to protect them. Of Course, these women are grateful to him and reward him regularly for his bravery.

  • Alternative: 레이디 가든
  • Genre: Manhwa, Mature, Seinen, Webtoons
  • Author: Studio jilpung

3, Lust Awakening

Lust Awakening Manhwa
Lust Awakening

Emma leaves his hometown and girlfriend to work as a caretaker in another city. His girlfriend worries that he might change after moving there. Here comes the plot twist as the hirer distrusts men and unfortunately hired Emma as his name sounded feminine.

She gives him a week to prove his worth, or he will get fired. And there is also another condition: not to make any move on her two precious daughters. But both girls have lived their life without seeing men, and what if their Lust awakens now? And can Emma resist these hot chicks so easily?

  • Alternative: Haegeum / 해금 : 시작되는 쾌락
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Harem, Romance
  • Author: Heung Keon Kim

2, Drug Candy

ドラッグキャンディー, 드러그캔디, Drag Candy Manhwa
Drug Candy

There are no words to define how this manhwa affects you emotionally. It sure is an adult manhwa, but besides being an erotic story, the ending is truly amazing, or I should say, the author conveyed the reality rather than making it another regular finish.

Seung-gu is a hardworking person with a beautiful wife and a good job. But his personal life gets affected as he receives a demotion at work. The distance between both wife and husband grows continuously. At this point, he meets a young woman named Han Yura as he gets to know her a little and somehow ends up addicted to her.

Soon he realizes that his mistakes cannot be corrected so easily. It is one of the best adult manhwa/adult webtoons of all time.

  • Alternative:ドラッグキャンディー, 드러그캔디, Drag Candy
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Manhwa, Mature, Romance, Seinen, Webtoons
  • Author: Lee Hyun-min

1, Secret Class

Secret Class manhwa, Bimilsueop, 비밀수업, 秘密教學
Secret Class

Daeho’s parents died in a vehicle accident, and he’s been living with her father’s friend’s
family ever since.

He’s twenty years old now, yet he has no idea what sex is. His aunt pities him and vows to assist him with the masturbating. She had to take drastic measures because he was so naïve. He soon finds himself sleeping with his lovely sisters.

Secret Class is pure fun, with no forced content and a very normal plot. The artwork is fantastic, and the characters’ interactions with Daeho are hilarious. Secret Class is pure entertainment with no forcible stuff and a pretty standard plot.

The artwork is pretty great, and you’ll love the characters’ interactions with Daeho.

  • Alternative: Bimilsueop, 비밀수업, 秘密教學
  • Genre: Drama, Manhwa, Romance
  • Author: Wang Kang Cheol

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So, there you have it. 10 Best Adult Manhwa of All Time!!

10 Manhwa that basically revolves around, or indulge you around the adult r18 genre. Also, I want to toss in. ‘cause I was doing my research, for this article , and I realized it didn’t made the list.

But the Manhwa Love parameter, the manhwa where the Main character, gains an ability to level his connection with other females. If you’re in the web, searching for one like this, it’s honestly still the best Like game like leveling system, with great experience standalone, that you can read right now.

So, I’m gonna just, toss that in there. That’s a little extra. So, that’s been it.

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