10 Demon Slayer Theories You Should Know!

Demon Slayer theories or Mysteries

Demon Slayer theories or Mysteries is one of the most searched topics around the world. Here are the top 10 Demon Slayer theories or Mysteries You Should Know!

Demon Slayer is one of the most watched anime in recent years. first two seasons were full of breathtaking action and story. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba viewers have found various easter eggs and come up with various theories of their own.

10 Demon Slayer Theories

The makers have put a lot of effort in the details of the animation and it is worth watching. Below are the Top Demon Slayer Theories or Mysteries.

10. Nezuko Bamboo Muzzle

Nezuko Bamboo Muzzle
Nezuko Bamboo Muzzle
  • Kanji: 竈門 禰豆子
  • Fighting style: Blood Demon Art

Viewers know the origin of the bamboo muzzle in Nezuko’s mouth, and it’s much more than just character design. Nezuko seems to be in control of her demon self and seems to be under a spell, but she is a demon and no one knows when she will lose control.

The bamboo muzzle keeps those around her safe while controlling the demon’s anger. Bamboo Muzzle also makes Nezuko look human and blends among other. Needless to say this makes Nezuko-chan super cute too!!!

9. Inosuke Boar Mask

Inosuke Boar Mask
Inosuke Boar Mask Demon Slayer theories or Mysteries
  • Kanji: 嘴平 伊之助
  • Fighting style: Beast Breathing Art

Innosuke is a recognizable character who always wears a Wild Boar Mask. He tells a sad story about growing up with wild boars and his lack of social skills.

While on the run from her abusive husband, Innosuke’s mother unknowingly takes refuge in a cult run by demon Doma and is killed by him. As a result, Boars raises young Inosuke and wears the hollowed-out head of boar’s mother to honor her memory.

8. Twelve Demon Moons Inspired by Diseases

Daki Twelve Demon Moons
Twelve Demon Moons

Fans point out that Twelve Demon Moons were inspired by an diseases. This theory makes sense if supported by the fact that the first demons emerged from an imperfect infection.

  • Daki and Gyutaro: Syphilis
  • Gyokko: Amoebic dysentery
  • Hantengu: Leprosy
  • Akaza: Measles
  • Doma: Tuberculosis
  • Kokushibo: The Black Death (Bubonic plague)

7. Nezuko’s Silence

nezuko and tanjiro
Nezuko’s Silence

In addition to the bamboo muzzle, fans have noticed that Nezuko does not speak. Some believe that Nezuko lost cognitive abilities when she became a demon. To restore it, she has to consume human flesh, but she refuses because she does not wish to harm humans.

In another theory , she took a vow of silence to control her mind in order to maintain her humanity and restrain himself against demonic instincts.

6. Tanjiro’s sword (Nichirin)

Tanjiro's sword (Nichirin)
Tanjiro’s sword (Nichirin)

Tanjiro’s sword, or Nichirin Swords, is black blad and has a deeper meaning. Nichirin Swords in Kimetsu no Yaiba is filled with sunlight, which is a weakness of demons. The color of the nichirin, It depends on the user’s breathing style, and the painted part of it depends on the user’s personality.

The audience explains that the black sword may represent the breath of the Sun, as all other breaths are derived from the breath of the Sun, and that the black sword is obtained by mixing all the colors. It can be said that the black color represents Tanjiro’s family occupation of selling charcoal. Which turns bright red on burning. It may also be a tribute to the God of Fire, to whom the Kamado family prays.

5. Tanjiro’s Scar

Tanjiro Scar
Tanjiro Scar Demon Slayer Theories

Tanjiro had a small scar on his forehead that he got when he saved his little brother from getting burned. As Tanjiro becomes stronger, his scars turn into scars. When Tanjiro gets stronger, the scar changes shape.

The mark on his forehead refers to the Demon Slayer’s mark, birthmark that grants the bearer incredible powers and is directly related to the Sun Breathing technique. Due to the power-up, the owner is the same level as Twelve Demon Moons.

4. Muzan’s Searching for Blue Spider Lily

blue spider lily demon slayer
blue spider lily Demon Slayer Theories

The demon Muzan Kibutsuji is said to have created the first demons. He’s looking for a blue spider lily. This is because it helps him gain immortality by making immune from the sun. Blue spider lily are believed to be able to regenerate itself and capable of creating demons.

Mujang is weak in sunlight and which can degrade his body. He killed the doctor who helped Muzan when he was dying. Only the doctor knew the location of the flower, so Muzan was determined to find it.

3. Sun Breathing Technique

Sun Breathing Technique
Sun Breathing Technique

Sun Breathing also known as Hinokami Kagura, was one of the first breathing techniques. Yorichi Tsugikuni is the creator of Sun Breathing (Hinokami Kagura), and all breathing styles are achieved by modifying them to suit individual needs.

Users of this style mimic the Sun, replicate its movements and techniques. They all have different techniques and forms, which makes them very effective against all demons. The transmission of breath from father to son is through a Hanafuda earring. Sun Breathing has 12 techniques associated with each form. After that, Yoriichi created an unknown new technique when he met Muzan Kibusuji.

The Kamado family uses this technique, which Tanjiro last learned from his father. Tanjiro used the Sun Breathing against Rui for the first time in the Natagumo arc.He found that his body adapted to this breathing technique as it increased his overall strength and speed.

2. Nezuko Demon Transformation

Nezuko Demon Transformation, nezuko demon form
Nezuko Demon Transformation

There are several theories as to why Nezuko turned into a demon. It wasn’t a intentional move by Muzan as he wanted to kill the whole family.

Kimetsu no Yaiba borrows many elements from Japanese mythology and Shinto religion. Ancestors have an important place in Shinto religion, and the Kamado family performs a mirror “Dance of Fire God” every year as an offering to the gods. The audience explains that the spirits of their ancestors may have saved Tanjiro and Nezuko.

1. Tanjiro’s Hanafuda Earrings

Tanjiro’s Hanafuda Earrings
Tanjiro’s Hanafuda Earrings

Since Hinogami Kagura, the hanafuda earrings passed down from generation to generation by the men of the kamado family have been shrouded in mystery. Muzan Kibutsuji became upset when he saw Tanjiro wearing the Hanafuda earrings.

Muzan gets a glimpse of a man with the same red haired man and orders him to follow Tanjiro. The earrings reminded him of Yoriichi, the lone demon slayer who almost killed Muzan.

Final Thoughts

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba contains elements of Japanese religion and mythology. As the anime progresses, keen fans will notice things that others may have missed.

There are many other factors which will give birth to many new theories in the upcoming season.


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