5 Most Annoying Minecraft Mobs

5 Most Annoying Minecraft Mobs

5 Most Annoying Minecraft Mobs: Minecraft is a sandbox video game filled with a variety of creatures called mobs. These are A.I. entities that spawn all around the game world. Shortly after being spawn in a new world, players begin to interact with them and can either kill them or keep them as pets to survive.

However, there are some mobs that the Minecraft gaming community hates. These are mobs that do not play a significant role in the game or constantly attack the players.

Although removing these entities will slightly reduce the overall quality of the game, they still don’t like them for their actions and behavior.

5 Most Annoying Minecraft Mobs

Polar bears

Polar bears Minecraft
5 Most Annoying Minecraft Mobs (Image via Mojang)

Polar bears are neutral mobs that only spawn in frozen biomes. Many players hate them for how useless and sometimes annoying they can be. If a player approaches a herd of polar bear cubs, the crowd can become hostile. Even if players kill these neutral mobs, they won’t drop anything.

They mainly exist as ‘environmental’ mobs in the game to improve the appearance of cold biomes.

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Ghast Minecraft
Ghast 5 Most Annoying Minecraft Mobs (Image via Mojang)

Ghast is the most annoying mob in the Nether. These are huge ghostly flying mobs that make terrifying crying sounds that can be heard throughout the area. Whenever this mob attacks the players, there is a terrible scream which takes the lives of the players.

Nether is already a dangerous place to live and travel to, and these mobs do not help. Hence, they are one of the most hated mobs in the game.


Creepers Minecraft
Creepers 5 Most Annoying Minecraft Mobs (Image via Mojang)

Creepers are arguably the most iconic and famous mob in the game, but for all the bad reasons. These silent, hostile mobs will pounce on the player and explode. There is a strange love-hate relationship between the players and this mob.

Although they are the face of the game, creepers can completely destroy a structure or kill a player with their explosion. That’s why it is counted among the most hated crowd in this list.


Silverfish Minecraft
Silverfish 5 Most Annoying Minecraft Mobs (Image via Fandom)

Silverfish are small, annoyingly hostile mobs commonly found in strongholds. Even though they don’t do much damage to the player, their small hitbox makes the mobs extremely annoying to fight.

Plus, they annoy the players even more if they are in a large group. When killed, these mobs drop nothing except a few XP points.


Phantom Minecraft
Phantom Minecraft (Image via Mojang)

Millions of gamers have expressed their hatred towards Phantoms. These are mysterious creatures that attack players only when they haven’t slept in the game for three days. They are basically ghosts that players encounter if they do not sleep.

Many players constantly work at the night to progress their worlds faster. In such a situation, this these spawn and attack the players. Although they drop their membranes that can be used to repair Elytra, they are hated in the community. Also, 5 Build an underwater structures in Minecraft 

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