Top 5 Worst Biomes for Beginners In Minecraft 2023

Top 5 Worst Biomes for Beginners In Minecraft

5 Worst Biomes for Beginners In Minecraft: The world of Minecraft has over 60 different biomes scattered across three spatial dimensions: Overworld, Nether, and The End.

For beginners with Minecraft, interacting with some biomes will be more difficult than others. Each biome has its unique characteristics, including specific structures, mobs, and weather.

Since the world of Minecraft is random, some biomes are inevitable. However, when all aspects of each Minecraft biome are considered, here are aspects that beginners may want to stay away from if possible.

Top 5 Worst Biomes for Beginners In Minecraft

5 Worst Biomes for Beginners In Minecraft

Desert biome

Desert biome
Desert biome (Image via Minecraft/IGN)

Like in real life, surviving in the desert biome of Minecraft is a tough challenge.

Starting the adventure of exploring the large open world by spawning in the desert biome is one of the worst scenarios that can happen to gamers, as there are very few resources in this area for you to craft. To survive the day of the camp.

The highly flat terrain of the desert is also a disadvantage, as players will have to struggle with hiding and running away from the pursuit of hostile mobs, especially the Phantoms and Husks.

Deep Ocean

Deep Ocean
Deep Ocean | 5 Worst Biomes for Beginners In Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

The deep ocean is equally harsh if the desert is such a scarce biome. Away from land, Away from land, it would help if you learned how to deal with threats from sea creatures.

Unlike other regular ocean biomes in Minecraft, the deep ocean can contain deep underwater ravines. They are attached to blocks of hot magma and create columns of bubbles that can completely engulf anyone who swims through. Due to such a high depth of field, the light also almost never reaches.

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Snowy Tundra Biome

Snowy Tundra Biome | 5 Worst Biomes for Beginners In Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

Snowy Tundra is a large biome that resembles a plain but is covered with a thick layer of snow. This biome has very few trees, so gamers will have trouble collecting wood and resources.

There are only two types of mobs that Minecraft players can farm in the Snowy Tundra, namely rabbits and polar bears, rather than pigs, chickens, or many other animals that are common in warm areas.

Swamp Biome

A swamp biome
A swamp biome | 5 Worst Biomes for Beginners In Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

There are a few reasons why swamp biomes might be complex for beginners. To start, swamp biomes are home to the slime mob. These mobs will multiply into smaller versions as they get killed which may be hard for beginners to deal with.

Additionally, swamps have an increased chance of spawning the hostile “witch mobs” due to the witch hut structures that generate within the biome. Witches can be deadly for beginners since they are relatively fairly strong and can inflict negative potion effects on players.

On top of all this, swamp biomes can be challenging to navigate with the plethora of vines and shallow waters that can slow down a player trying to escape from hostile mobs.


Badlands Minecraft
Mesa/Badlands biome | 5 Worst Biome for Beginners In Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

Badlands are made of terracotta blocks of various colors and contain more gold than any other biome. Badlands is on this list because trees, water, and grass are uncommon, and no passive mobs can be found here.

Trees were essential, especially in the early days of the survival world, as they provided the wood and sticks needed to make tools and weapons.

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