6 Korean Romance Movies To Watch

Korean Romance Movies

In the mood for a little romance but don’t want to watch a drama? Instead, here are some of the best Korean Romance Movies with your favorite stars.

Korean Romance Movies have always been a great entertainment option, whether it’s a friend’s gathering, date night, or just a random choice on a tiring workday. South Korea has been making quality romance films for decades and has been on top of its game since the birth of the film industry.

Be With You (2018)

  • Movie: Be With You, 지금 만나러 갑니다
  • MyDramaList Rating: 8.7
  • Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Melodrama
Be with You, 지금 만나러 갑니다
Be with You, 지금 만나러 갑니다 (Image via HanCinema)

The film follows Lim Soo Ah (Son Ye Jin) before she dies, making an unbelievable promise to her husband Jeong Woo Jin (So Ji Sub) that she will return to her husband a year later at the beginning of the rainy season. she miraculously keeps her promise and appears before her husband and son, but she has no memory of him. Sadly, the relief of their reunion is short-lived as it is revealed that Soo Ah must leave her family at the end of the rainy season.

Sweet & Sour (2021)

  • Movie: Sweet & Sour, 새콤달콤
  • MyDramaList Rating: 7.5
  • Genres: Romance, Drama, Melodrama
Sweet & Sour, 새콤달콤
Sweet & Sour, 새콤달콤 (Image via Netflix)

The trials and tribulations of a long-distance relationship always fodder for a romantic comedy, and this film adaptation of Kurumi Inui’s novel Initiative Love builds on that premise with an unexpected twist at the end.

Unforgettable / Pure Love (2016)

  • Movie: Unforgettable, Pure Love, 순정
  • MyDramaList Rating: 8.2
  • Genres: Romance, Drama, Melodrama
Unforgettable, Pure Love, 순정
Unforgettable, Pure Love, 순정 (Image via HanCinema)

In 2014, a radio DJ receives a letter from his first love, bringing back memories he had almost forgotten. Twenty-three years ago in 1991, five friends spent a summer together. Shy and innocent Beom Sil (Doh Kyung Soo) falls in love with Soo Ok (Kim So Hyun). Beom Sil has a crush on Soo Ok and waits by the girl’s window during the summer. Soo Ok has a leg injury and can’t even walk properly, so she always hugs Beomsil. A love blossoms and he always sees her as the girl he wants to marry.

Tune in for Love (2019)

  • Movie: Tune in for Love, 유열의 음악앨범
  • MyDramaList Rating: 8.1
  • Genres: Romance, Life, Drama, Melodrama
Tune in for Love, 유열의 음악앨범
Tune in for Love, 유열의 음악앨범 (Image via Netflix)

The film story is set in the 1990s and depicts the 1997 IMF crisis. Mi Soo (Kim Go Eun), a part-time worker at a bakery, indirectly exchanges stories with Hyunwoo (Jung Hae In) on a radio program. They fall in love and their paths cross, but time is not with them.

In 1994, Hyun Woo came into the bakery where Mi-soo works before opening and asked if they sold anything containing soy. Miss suggests soy milk but realizes they don’t have it and sends it to the grocery store across the street. After Hyun-woo leaves, Mi Soo and another employee, Mi-soo’s best friend Eun Ja, Watch him walk, assuming that he has just been released from prison. Hyun Woo then comes back and applies for a part-time job at a bakery.

He gets a job and starts working with Mi Soo. Mi Soo, Hyun Woo, and Eun-Ja spend a lot of time together and open up to each other. During the winter, Mi Soo and Hyun Woo put up a Christmas tree in front of the bakery. The two shared a heartwarming moment outside. Mi Soo said her mother always wanted to share her happiness with people in her community.

A Werewolf Boy (2012)

  • Movie: A Werewolf Boy, 늑대소년
  • MyDramaList Rating: 8.6
  • Genres: Romance, Drama, Supernatural
A Werewolf Boy, 늑대소년
A Werewolf Boy, 늑대소년 Korean Romance Movies (Image via HanCinema)

One day Sun Yi (Park Bo Young) found a wild boy of about 19 years old in his garden. His blood type is unknown, and he cannot read or speak. Although he behaves like a wild animal, he is adopted by a kindhearted mother, who names him Chulsoo (Song Joong Ki). At first, Suna treats him as a nuisance but is eventually controlled by following the dog’s training manual. She teaches how to be patient, how to dress, how to speak, how to write, and other human behavior—of course, that’s what Sun Yi wants.

The two eventually come close. As Sun-Yi talks to Cheol Su, he falls in love with her. The only one who showed his love. However, their relationship is full of difficulties as Ji-Tae begins to cause trouble. Feeling threatened, Cheol Suunleashes his cruel instincts and the villagers of the town attack him out of fear. To save the boy who risked his life, Sun Yi promises, “Wait for me. I’ll come back for you.”

In the present day, Sun Yi enters the hut and sees Cheol Su sitting there, still as young as he was 47 years ago. He gives her a note which he wrote. She felt that he was waiting all the time. They got a call from the county asking about the property. Sun Yi tells him that she is not selling the place. Cheol Su watches from afar as the car drives away.

On Your Wedding Day (2018)

  • Movie: On Your Wedding Day, 너의 결혼식
  • MyDramaList Rating: 8.1
  • Genres: Romance, Melodrama
On Your Wedding Day (2018)
Korean Romance Movies (Image via HanCinema)

A man receives a wedding invitation from the first love he met in high school. He recounts all the troubles he went through to get together and how they had ups and downs in their lives. He finally attends her wedding and thanks her for being the shining star of his life and for her support. Park Bo Young played Hwan Seung Hee, a girl who believes in love at first sight. Kim Young Kwang plays Hwang Woo Yun, Seung-hee’s high school friend who falls in love with her at first sight and considers her his destiny.

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