6 Latest Romantic Comedy on Netflix in 2022 Recommended

6 Latest Romantic Comedy on Netflix in 2022 Recommended

Are you looking for the latest romantic comedy on Netflix? So you have come to the right place; I will share with you 6 such romantic episode movies and series which you might love.

Netflix regularly releases the latest movies and series from different countries, including romantic comedies generally loved by young audiences.

For those who want to spend a relaxing weekend, these six latest romantic comedies from West to Korea on Netflix might be a good choice. You can see it alone or while spending the night with your wearer.

Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between

The film is based on the novel of the same name by Jennifer E. Smith. Whereas the producer is the one who made To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before the franchise.

Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between tells the story of a couple who want to separate before heading off to college. Then they set a deadline to close their story. The film stars Jordan Fisher and Talia Ryder.

Through My Window

Another novel adaptation, this time from Ariana Godoy. This Spanish film tells the story of Raquel, who has a longtime crush on her neighbour. Finally, she mustered up the courage to approach the man of her dreams.

Julio Matar and Clara Galle star in Through My Window. Netflix plans to make two sequels to the film.

The Royal Treatment

A prince falls in love with his hairdresser on the day of his wedding. The question, of course, is how the marriage will go, and whether the prince will still pursue her love.

The Royal Treatment film stars Laura Marano and Aladdin Mena Massoud as Prince Thomas.

A Perfect Pairing

Lola has just quit her job and is trying her luck as a businesswoman. She then flew from Los Angeles to Australia to meet her client. However, because the conversation was a bit complicated, she was forced to stay there longer. Then he met a mysterious man named Max.

A Perfect Pairing film stars Victoria Justice, Adam Demos and Samantha Cain.

Along for the Ride

Returning from a bestselling novel, this time from author Sarah Desson. The story is about two insomniac patients, Auden and Ali, who go on a one-night adventure to a small town.

Along for the Ride, film stars Emma Pasarow and Belmont Camelli.

Love and Leashes

This Korean film stars SNSD’s Seohyun and Lee Joon-young. The story follows a man who is arrested for BDSM (slavery, domination, sadism and masculinity) by a female co-worker.

After that, the two contracted for a unique relationship which rocked the scene here and there.

Love and Leashes film stars Seohyun and Lee Jun-Young.

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