An Unknown Silent Hill game appeared on a Korean rating site

An Unknown Silent Hill game appeared on a Korean rating site

An Unknown Silent Hill game appeared on a Korean rating site: After months of speculation, leaks and confusion, the future of the Silent Hill series turns even more puzzling, most recently with the series Silent Hill: The Short Message from South Korea. which was recently rated by South Korea’s Game Rating site and Governance Committee.

Ratings has been removed, but this was noted by Gematsu, who noted that the publisher of the project was listed as Uniana, the publisher of several other Konami games in Korea. Although the platform was not mentioned in the rating.

This rating is probably related to one of the many Silent Hill projects being developed at various studios. first reported last February that Konami plans to revive the long-dormant horror game series.

Silent Hill Rated Korea
Silent Hill Rated Korea

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According to various reports, Silent Hill 2 Remake is said to be one of the games in active development. It has also been claimed that an episodic series of Silent Hill “short stories” is also in development.

The images may be from another Silent Hill game, said to be in development, that was leaked online earlier this year via various concept images, which were quickly removed from social media due to copyright claims.

A leaked photo of that project, posted online today, shows a messaging feature that may be related to ‘The Short Message’ rating.

It may also be related to a feature that was reportedly planned for Hideo Kojima’s canned Silent Hills, where the game would send real-life text messages to players.

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