Apex Legends- “Stories from the Wild Lands: Family Business”

Apex Legends- "Stories from the Wild Lands: Family Business"

Apex Legends shows a bit of Lifeline’s past before she joined the Apex Games.

Respawn Entertainment has released the latest Apex Legends video in its “Tales from the Wild Lands” series titled Family Business, which charts the journey of Ajay Che, better known as Lifeline, from a rebellious teen to a feared fighting force.

Apex Legends.- "Stories from the Wild Lands: Family Business."
Apex Legends.- “Stories from the Wild Lands: Family Business.” (Image: Apex Legends)

As a member of the Frontier Corps, Ajay Che has always tried to distance himself from her infamous family who profit from the war. But in order to help those in need, sometimes lines must be crossed. In today’s video, watch her team up with her childhood friend Octavio Silva (aka Octane) to find a new batch of medicine and do whatever it takes to save the day.

Apex Legends- “Stories from the Wild Lands: Family Business”

Watch the family reunion in “Tales from the Wilderness: Family Business” now available on YouTube:

Editor’s Note: There were a couple of things I really liked about this new story and they are:

  • In this new video we can appreciate a song by the band that Lifeline used to participate in, which are the FLYER LIARS and in my personal opinion I liked it a lot and I hope to find it on Spotify soon (it’s already available)
  • We get to see what a great unbreakable friendship (or at least that was before Season 13) that Octane and Lifeline have.
  • The events of this video is before Octane’s accident while trying to beat the speed record.
  • It is very likely that we will see that suit that lifeline used in Apex Legends.

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