5 Best Minecraft Beach House Ideas

5 Best Minecraft Beach House Ideas

5 Best Minecraft Beach House Ideas: Starting a new world in Minecraft opens up endless possibilities. If you’re interested in the building aspect of the game, choosing a biome as the basis for your first survival can be a challenging decision. Why not take this opportunity to choose the coast to start a new adventure? We have compiled a list of Minecraft beach house ideas to spark your creativity or to give you a quick solution to your survival needs. Whether you’re into modern homes or trying to emulate a tropical environment, we hope you can find your next building project here!

Seashore House:

Best Minecraft Beach House Tutorial Seashore Cabin Build
Best Minecraft Beach House Tutorial Seashore Cabin Build (Image via Legendary53)

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We all know that there are two types of Minecraft players – builders and miners. The following seashore boat base shared by Legendary53. We accept that getting started in a Survival world takes some time and patience, but rest assured that the effort is well worth it! The materials list includes many variations of wood and Iron Trapdoors for the exterior structure, and with red wool roofing you can be sure that your home will stand out from afar. In case you need more references to show off your Minecraft beach house designs, the creators shared their building worlds here for you to download.

Tropical Island Beach Home:

Best Minecraft Beach House Ideas Tropical Island Beach Home
Best Minecraft Beach House Ideas Tropical Island Beach Home (Image via A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT)

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There is a Minecraft beach feature that can add interesting variations to your construction project with fun designs and the following video tutorial by A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT is proof of that. The combination of spruce and wooden blocks is not an obvious choice for many Minecraft players, but we have to admit that it works very well when used in a tropical island setting. You can have a wooden dock and deck on the water to extend your base and potentially add as many details as you see fit. Find your nearest beach biome and start building!

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Modern Home with Pool:

Best Minecraft Beach House Ideas Modern Home with Pool
Best Minecraft Beach House Ideas Modern Home with Pool (Image via TSMC)

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While we all know that Minecraft physics allows any structure to stand on its own, adding pillars gives the house a realistic look. The following video tutorial from TSMC shows the entire structure floating on water. While the original design required quartz for the main structure, you can also replace it with white concrete. The red glazed terracotta ocean pool is a decorating idea we don’t see often in these video tutorials. We must say this is a great outdoor decoration for your establishment, especially if you add some fish to the mix!

Fishing Shack:

Best Minecraft Beach House Ideas Fishing Shack
Best Minecraft Beach House Ideas Fishing Shack (Image via AlexMayo)

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Here we have another video tutorial about AlexMayo fishing hut with dock and boat that can be used as a base or left as an eco decoration. While it is true that the original structure is not in the beach biome, we think you can easily recreate seashore it on the beach biome and get amazing results. In the end, it’s all about customizing these Minecraft house designs for your specific needs! A boat with a smoking fireplace and deck was one of the details we wanted to add to our list, but opt ​​for other outdoor decor options.

Easy Fishing Hut:

Best Minecraft Beach House Ideas Easy Fishing Hut
Best Minecraft Beach House Ideas Easy Fishing Hut (Image via Mr. Mirror)

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There’s something about fishing in Minecraft that makes it a relaxing, calming experience. By simply focusing on the movement of the bait and catching the flying fish, you can have a renewable food source in any body of water. So why not build a fishing hut for your designated fishing spot? The video tutorial by Mr. Mirror, includes a dock to make your boats inaccessible and a small sunbathing area with two orange beds facing the shore., multi-functional detail that we wish more makers were involved in their Minecraft home designs!

Beach Cabin:

Best Minecraft Beach House Ideas Beach Cabin
Best Minecraft Beach House Ideas Beach Cabin (Image via Zaypixel)

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Some players like to build their base in Minecraft like a real-life house, but who doesn’t love living next to the ocean? Zaypixel uploaded this awesome video tutorial for a Minecraft beach house that includesSpruce and oak block variations. The attention to detail in this home is commendable and the overall size makes it a perfect choice for a survival base. There’s nothing like returning from your adventure in a cozy home with a master bedroom on the second floor and a main area with essential crafting stations!

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We know that drownings can spawn within any body of water, so we suggest adding lights in underwater to avoid this unpleasant situation. You can use glowing stones or sea lanterns to properly illuminate the underwater area around your base. As a side note, if you build a Guardian Farm to get enough Prismarine Shards, the latter becomes easier to achieve!

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on these lovely Minecraft Beach House Ideas. Are you recreating any of these designs in your own world? Tell us in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

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