Black Clover Chapter 348 Spoilers, Raw Scan, Full Plot and Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 348 Spoiler, Raw Scan and Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 348 will be released on Sunday. We finally learns the truth of about Yami clan massacre. A dark twist shock fans, It turns out that it was Ichika herself who massacred her clan.

Therefore, in order to get Ichika to leave in peace, her brother went to another land and took the blame for the massacre.

Black Clover Chapter 348 Raw scans

The raw scan of Black Clover episode 348 has been released. In this chapter, it is revealed that Asta has mastered the Zetten arts and is able to enter the battlefield and use it effectively in battle.

  • In the raw scan we can see Asta using his Zetten powers.
In the raw scan we can see Asta using his Zetten powers.
  • Yrul uses his powers on Asta and learns that Asta’s greatest fear is Asta himself.
  • Later, Asta attacks Yrul with the Zetten powers, causing the power to shatter into pieces. Ichika is shocked to see Asta’s powers
  • At the end of the chapter, Asta looks at Sister Lily and says “Sister, I’m coming to save you”.

Black Clover Chapter 348 Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 348 titled, “Resolve”. spoilers below, so read at your own risk.

Lily is surprised to see Asta there. Asta and Liebe discuss Ichika’s “hallucinations”. Yrul says that the “human heart” (mind) is weak, and He then tries to humiliate Ryuzen. They were the strongest in the country, but they were pathetic. He says humans are always fear no matter what happens. After that, we see An illusion appears of Asta himself and the illusion of Asta saying, “I can’t become a Wizard King.”

Yrul is surprised to see that Asta’s fear is Asta himself, but he’ll unleashes Asta’s fear on him, and and then he will be praised by Lucius. Asta’s illusion starts saying that “I’m not talented like Yuno”. Meanwhile, Asta’s inner monologue that he didn’t realize his greatest fear was that he was weak. Then Asta says that he erased his weak self through training. Yosuga says that “Asta found what he was missing during their training”.

Yrul tries to kill Asta with a single blow, but Asta cuts him. When Ichika notices something strange, Yosuga says that Asta just cut his power. Yosuga said Asta worried too much, at first didn’t realise that no matter how great someone’s magic is, You just have to watch the moment it is about to happen. the moment the attack is about to happen when he has to use Zetten. The chapter ends with Asta seeing Lily and saying “Sister, I’m coming to save you”.

Black Clover Chapter 348 Release Date

Black Clover chapter 348 will be officially released online on January 22, 2023. You can read the latest chapter free on the official sites of Manga Plus and viz Media. here are the release times the new chapters will follow in different locations:

  • Pacific Time: 8:00 AM
  • Japan Time: 12:00 AM
  • Indian Time: 8:30 PM
  • Central Time: 10:00 AM
  • Eastern Time: 11:00 AM
  • British Time: 4:00 PM
  • European Time: 5:00 PM

Black Clover Chapter 347: Recap

Black Clover Chapter 347 saw The Ryuzen Sevens attack against the Five Headed Dragon. while Yrul used Beast Magic: Bogeyman’s Magic to create illusions based on her enemies’ fears and nightmares. The most significant effect of this spell was that Yami Ichika saw her dad in front of her, which brought back some memories that had been lost from childhood.

One of these memories implied that Ichika, she was the one who committed the Yami clan massacre. Nevertheless, this reveal was heartbreaking for Ichika, realizing she was blaming her brother for the crimes she had committed.

Sister Lily casts her spell on the five-headed dragon again, Ichika still-in-shock and questioning the meaning of her existence. It seemed that her will to fight had completely disappeared, As the chapter ends, Ichika looks up at Asta and imagines her brother Yami Sukehiro protecting her from her father’s abuse.

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