BlockBerryCreative Announces Chuu’s Removal From LOONA

BlockBerryCreative Announces Chuu’s Removal From LOONA

The news of Chuu being fired from LOONA was posted on the group’s official fan cafe today (25 November), bringing the total number of members to 11.

According to LOONA, Idol was removed from the group for using “violent language and abuse of power towards the staff”.

On the 25th, the agency Blockberry Creative announced through Loona’s official fancafe, “Today, as of November 25, 2022, we are announcing that we have decided to remove Chu, our artist, as a member of Loona and leave.”

Chuu from LOONA

The agency said, “There were many stories related to Loona Chu this year, but the company and the Loona members spent time without revealing their position to avoid any problems, concerned about the development of their team and fans’ concerns.” told

Then, he explained, “Because of the Loona members’ affection for the team and only caring for the fans, it’s an expression of their heart that they tried their best to show only good sides of themselves through stages and content, rather than telling the truth or not.”

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Blockberry Creative said, “Recently, there have been reports of abuse of power, such as Chuu’s abusive language towards our staff, and the fact that we investigated has been clarified, and the company representative is apologizing and comforting the staff.” We have decided to kick him out,” referring to the reason for Chuu’s exit.

In addition, the agency said, “We sincerely apologize to the fans who have loved and supported LOONA so far and sincerely ask for forgiveness for not being able to keep the 12 members together until the end.” We and LOONA will go back to the beginning and do our best.”

“The members didn’t work only for personal gain or benefit, and they didn’t do anything that would cause difficulties for the team because they knew the grace of the fans who made it possible for them to come to where they are now.” Once again, I bow my head and apologize to the staff and fans in question.”

Loona held the world tour ‘LOONATHEWORLD’ from last October.

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