Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Shows More Of Piccolo

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Shows More Of Piccolo

This time the new trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero lets us see more about Piccolo, his home and relationship with Gohan and his family.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Trailer and More Details

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Shows More Of Piccolo

As mentioned before about the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, this adventure would be more focused on Gohan and Piccolo. It is for the same reason that the first of three advances of this tape was focused on the son of Goku. Well, the second one now shows us this Namekian and we can take a look inside his house. This follows the same style of the people of his world, but there are certain somewhat “peculiar” details.

Someone who enters the scene in this preview, which lasts 30 seconds, is Videl, whom he had not seen until now. It seems that he goes to Piccolo, whom Gohan considers his teacher, to talk to him. The latter seems to be too engrossed in studying him. That’s why he doesn’t spend much time with her and her daughter, Pan. He’s not training much either, something her father has insisted on more than once.

It is as the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer progresses that Piccolo’s home can be seen. It’s an austere and practical place, but this Namek has a collection of Penko, a popular character. Both his phone cover and various dolls are based on it. It’s not that he likes to collect them, as they are actually gifts from Gohan and his family. It is a touch of humor for this animated production.

Akira Toriyama always adds a bit of comedy to his stories, though there are times when he leaves it out due to battles. That was somewhat more common in the first TV series, but appears to a lesser degree in Z, GT, and Super. Returning to the subject of this film, it is assumed that in this we will see a new form of Piccolo, although it will not be very different. It is more than anything a change in the coloration of him but it will reflect an increase in power.

It will be in this way that he will be able to face the threat posed by Gamma #1 and Gamma #2, the new androids of the Red Patrol Army. But it should also serve to deal with a mysterious threat that was seen in the last trailer. One that requires not only his strength but also that of Gohan, Goten and Trunks. It looks like Piccolo, as well as the others, will have a tough battle in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

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