Halo Infinite Finally Gets Campaign Co-op Next Month, Beta Starts in July

Halo: Infinite campaign chapter co-op mode open beta starts in July

Developed by 343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios, “Halo Infinite“, which has been launched on PC and Xbox One/Xbox Series and other platforms since November 2021, announced that it will be scheduled to start the campaign in July. -The public beta of the co-op mode gives players a first-hand experience.

Halo Infinite” is the latest in the popular action shooter game “Halo” series developed by 343 Industries. Players will once again incarnate as the Spartan super soldier Master Chief of the UNSC United Nations Space Command, in order to fight against humanity. The artificial intelligence can be Tana and embark on various mission challenges. In addition to the single-player campaign mode, the game also includes many gameplay familiar to players of the series, such as massacre, capture the flag, and more.

As for the campaign Co-op cooperation mode scheduled to be implemented this time, it is a new element scheduled to be implemented in the second half of August in the update schedule that was officially announced in April. The public beta was supposed to start before, but it was later delayed due to development issues. With the announcement that the beta will begin in July, players can’t wait to play it right away. As for the actual test time and other related content, it has yet to be further announced by the official follow-up.

Halo: Infinite campaign chapter co-op mode open beta starts in July

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