Hibike! Euphonium Season 3! Announcement and Release Date

Hibike Season 3! Euphonium Announced

Kyoto Animation reveals that there will be a third season of Hibike! Euphonium and another animated project. It’s the revival of the series!

hibike! Euphonium is indeed a name I haven’t heard of in a long time. At least since its second season, which came out in October 2016. I thought that Kyoto Animation was done with this franchise, but I was wrong. This weekend the company had a presentation in which it announced two new animated projects of this series and one of them seems to be the third season of Hibike! Euphonium.

At least that is what can be understood. The transmission in question was called Hibike! Euphonium 6-kaime Da yo! Uji of O-Matsuri Festival. Among its announcements was a new anime centered on Kumiko Oumae’s third year in high school and its premiere will be in 2024. But before that will come another animation based on the Ensemble Concert Arc that is described as “medium length”. It is not entirely clear what exactly it is.

Hibike! Euphonium Season 3 Trailer

It seems that it is a larger than short anime, but at a reduced size without being complete. Maybe it’s one or more OVAs or additional episodes. Kyoto Animation is not very clear in its description and clarifies that it will be available in 2023. This anime will hit theaters and will also be distributed on Blu-ray. Fortunately, the third season of Hibike will come later! Euphonium or its equivalent. However, something else is on the way.

Hibike Euphonium Season 3! Announced
Hibike Euphonium Season 3! Announced

The band that appears in the story, which is represented in real life by the Progressive! Wind Orchestra, the artist of the title track TRUE, and the cast in stage readings will participate in a series of concerts. That will be in the summer of this year; specifically, on August 13 and 14 at the Line Cube Shibuya in the city of Tokyo. Too bad these types of initiatives are limited to the Land of the Rising Sun. I wish they had a streaming.

The story of the third season of Hibike! Euphonium is based on the light novel by Ayano Takeda. Kumiko’s third year in high school comprises two volumes. The first went on sale in April 2019, while the second in June of the same year. It seems that Kyoto Animation decided to wait until there was something to work with before deciding to proceed with the anime adaptation of the series.

But the attack he suffered in 2019 delayed plans about continuing it for years. It only remains to wait for more information about it. Thanks to Anime News Network for additional details.

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