How To Get Brimstone in V Rising?

How To Get Brimstone in V Rising

Sulphur is a very useful material in V Rising, as you will need it to access certain areas or create explosives. This is the best place to farm Sulphur Ore and how to craft it.

V Rising is being a complete success on Steam. If the survival genre is already in fashion, the fact of including vampires in the equation has made Stunlock Studios’ game a pleasant surprise.

In V Rising you will not only need to have your castle and defend yourself against your enemies, but also know the uses of each material and how to get it. In this guide we are going to talk about sulfur.

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Brimstone is a highly coveted material in V Rising, and not because of its rarity. Basically, we will need this resource to make explosives, access secret areas, or even as material to make ingots.

If you have doubts about where to get this material or know about certain tricks to farm the ore, here is our V Rising guide: How to get sulfur… and how to make it, of course.

How to get Sulphur in V Rising?

Brimstone is more important than it seems in V Rising. Needless to say, it is impossible to obtain it as such in the wild, since you will have to farm the Sulphur ore first.

Once you have enough Sulphur ore, you will have to go to the blast furnaces in your castle to make the Sulphur itself. Calm down, because in this guide we will show you which is the best place to farm this resource.

What is Sulphur used for in V Rising? Its main use is due to the elaboration of explosives, which can be very useful to defeat bosses or access secret areas.

How To Get Brimstone in V Rising?

The first thing we must do is farm Sulphur ore. Fortunately, this material is quite common in V Rising, and we will only have to hit certain rocks to obtain it.

Hands down, the best place to get your hands on Sulphur ore is the Bandit Sulphur Quarry, located on the western side of Farbane Woods. It is also possible to get to this location as part of the quest to find Clive’s blood V.

To access the Sulphur Quarry you will have to defeat a few guards. They won’t give you much trouble, but if this is your first time you’ll have to face Clive.

Defeating Clive will give you his blood, which involves getting the explosives recipe. You will also get the refinery for your castle, which is essential to convert ore into sulfur.

How to get Sulphur in V Rising?

We recommend that you farm Sulphur ore in this place, because unfortunately in other locations it is conspicuous by its absence. Once you have the recipe for both elements, start farming ore like crazy.

You need 15 units of Sulphur ore to get 1 Sulphur as such. Once you’ve got this minimum amount, head to your castle to turn it into brimstone.

From here, you decide what to do with the sulfur. You can make explosives, although for this you need an alchemy table, planks and whetstones. Remember that you must first convert the Sulphur ore to sulfur.

Another possible use is to mix the Sulphur with gold jewelry, which will be transformed into gold bars. These are the main uses of brimstone in V Rising, although they are not the only ones.

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