Incantation The Most Terrifying Taiwanese Movie of All Time, will hit Netflix on July 8

Incantation The Most Terrifying Taiwanese Movie of All Time, will hit Netflix on July 8

Incantation” has the title of the most horror movie in Taiwan’s film history, and will be launched exclusively on Netflix on July 8.

Directed by Ke Mengrong, the film tells the story of a mother trying to save a child who is facing a fatal curse. The box office has exceeded NT $170 million, making it the highest-grossing film in Taiwan so far in 2022. It has also been recognized by professional film critics. The finalists include the most He has won seven Taipei Film Awards, including Best Feature Film, Best Director, etc. The sequel is currently in preparation and will continue to be directed by Ke Mengrong.

What is the key to the successful creation of horror word-of-mouth in “Incantation“? Fans of horror films like “The Blair Witch Project” and “Paranormal Activity” should recognize familiar techniques in the trailers, such as locating footage and characters speaking directly to the audience through the camera. Director Ke also draws inspiration from online cultures such as forum discussion threads, YouTuber’s truth words, and electronic chain letters. The trailer also uses a Ferris wheel and train diagrams to conduct psychological tests, suggesting to the audience the core concept of the film: the will of the audience can shape the results of the real world.

Incantation Trailer: Netflix Acquires Taiwan’s “Most Terrifying Film Ever Made”

Janslle Ong, Chinese Content Acquisition Manager, said: “Incantation resonates very well with Taiwanese audiences and we are delighted to share the film with our members around the world. Asian horror films have a great influence on the entire genre and continue to lead the way in horror. The film has reached new heights, and the films created by the new generation of Asian filmmakers have redefined horror films for the modern audience, and I am honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with them.”

Director Ke said that the goal of this film is to establish an interactive connection with the audience: “I know how to effectively use horror scenes to scare the audience, but a good horror film will not only have these skills, human nature is the core of the film. To be the most extreme , let the audience care about the characters in the movie.”

This notion was heavily influenced by the Asian horror films that made waves around the world in the 1990s and early 2000s, such as Japan’s “One Missed Call“, “The Ring“, “The Grudge“, “Dark Water 2002“, “The Eye 2002” etc. Director Ke said, “Asian horror films don’t focus on the bloody and scary images, but on the softer parts of the story. This kind of film is scary, but it’s also touching and even healing.”

Taiwanese horror films may be expected to set off a new wave of Asian horror films. In recent years, “The Tag-Along“, “Detention“, “The Bridge Curse“, “The Rope Curse” and their sequels have brought this type of film back to the attention of Taiwan. More original horror films will be released in 2022, so it is known as the It’s “Year of Horror” (of course, only in the movie world).

Incantation The Most Terrifying Taiwanese Movie of All Time, will hit Netflix on July 8

Horror movies can be rendered effectively without a lot of special effects and expensive sets, which is one of the reasons why the genre is popular in Taiwan. In particular, Asian horror films often combine local folklore stories, which can more resonate with local audiences. For example, “Incantation” is based on a true story of evil in a family group in Taiwan. Director Ke said that he was deeply attracted by the story, but also very scared.

He believes: “There must be respect for religion, especially religious taboos and some more obscure beliefs, and there must be a sense of awe. I love to listen to horror stories, but in the past I was afraid to touch this subject. I think Amplify this feeling in The Mantra.”

Incantation: Netflix Acquires Taiwan's "Most Terrifying Film Ever Made"

Such taboos and rituals may be more appealing to foreign audiences. In addition, Director Ke also said that the reason why horror films can go international is because of the elements common to the world, such as “the fear of death and unknown power, and the recognition of the relationship between characters and characters, such as “Incantation” The mother-daughter relationship depicted here.”

Watching horror movies at home on Netflix and letting fear into the familiar home space is a whole new realm of horror that horror fans crave. As Director Ke said: “It feels like a roller coaster ride, and the scariest part is also the most attractive reason for you to try it. It’s a great honor for “Incantation” to be available on Netflix worldwide, so that the most people can see this film. I always hope Make a movie that goes out to the world, so that every horror fan in the world can see it, so that they can’t sleep at night. Looking forward to hearing from the audience.”

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