Kiss Sixth Sense: Star Seo Ji Hye and Yoon Kye Sang

Kiss Sixth Sense: Star Seo Ji Hye and Yoon Kye Sang

Kiss Sixth Sense is the latest Korean drama (Dracore) which was released on May 25, 2022. You can watch this drama by streaming it on legal platforms.

So, how to watch Which Sixth Sense? Now for those who don’t want to miss every episode, here is the link to watch Kiss Sixth Sense Drama with English subtitles.

Upon its premiere, Kiss Sixth Sense will feature two episodes at once, namely Episodes 1–2. You can enjoy this drama through Disney Plus Hotstar streaming service. For more information, here’s the link to watch the Kiss Sixth Sense drama.

Kiss Sixth Sense Plot

Kiss Sixth Sense Kissing Scene
Image via Disney+

Kiss Sixth Sense is a romantic Korean drama that tells the story of a woman who has the ability to see the future when she kisses someone. When he accidentally kisses his boss, he immediately sees a shocking vision of the future for the two of them.

It is known, since childhood, Ye Sool (Seo Ji Hye) has been awarded a special ability. So, every time he kisses someone else, then he will be shown a picture of the future of the person he kissed.

However, he didn’t know when his hunch (what he saw) would happen. He still didn’t know if it would happen in a month, three months, a year, three years, or the next few years.

Currently, Ye Sool works for an advertising company. At the company, he enjoys his job, only he hates him, Min Hu (Yoon Kye Sang). The reason is, his boss has a curt and unpleasant character.

One day, Ye Sool’s lips accidentally touched Min Hu’s neck. From there, he can see the future of his boss. And to his surprise, he saw a picture of their future relationship.

Kiss Sixth Sense Plot Episodes Release Date and Time

Curious about what the storyline is like? Let’s just stream the Kiss Sixth Sense eng sub on Disney Plus Hotstar, which airs every Wednesday.

Each episode of Kiss Sixth Sense will stream simultaneously on Disney+ on Wednesday at around 7 pm (IST). The subtitle team at Disney+ is quick to translate, so expect subtitles to be available immediately.

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