Love live! Superstar! confirm the premiere date for the Second Season of the anime

Love live! Superstar!

The most popular group from school idos will return to the small screen very soon with the continuation of their story.

This Tuesday, May 31, the official website for the animated adaptation of the well-known idol series “Love live! Superstar!” has released new information about what will be the long-awaited second season of the anime. On this occasion, the date for the continuation of the series has been revealed: July 17, 2022.

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Love live! Superstar! new promotional poster for the second season. (Image: Sunrise)

The announcement was accompanied by a new promotional poster, in which the original members of “Liela” appear, along with the four girls who will join as the new members.

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Love Live! Superstar!!’s New Characters and Their Voice Actors for Season 2

1. Wakana Ookuma as Shiki Wakana
2. Akane Yabushima as Mei Yoneme
3. Aya Emori as Natsumi Onitsuka
4. Nozomi Suzuhara as Kinako Sakurakoji

Wakana Ookuma as Shiki Wakana

Wakana Ookuma will be voicing Shiki Wakana

Akane Yabushima as Mei Yoneme

Akane Yabushima will be voicing Mei Yoneme

Aya Emori as Natsumi Onitsuka

Aya Emori will be voicing Natsumi Onitsuka

Nozomi Suzuhara as Kinako Sakurakoji

Nozomi Suzuhara will be voicing Kinako Sakurakoji

The anime is made by the Sunrise studio and directed by Takahiko Kyogoku, with Yoshiaki Fujisawa in music and Atsushi Saitou in charge of character design.

Love live! Superstar! – official synopsis

Love live! Superstar
Love live! Superstar!. (Image: Sunrise)

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