Manga Spoilers: One Piece Chapter 1052 Leak Details

Manga Spoilers: One Piece Chapter 1052 Leak Details

In addition to the Spoiler information that has been revealed before, the following are the detailed developments appearing in the manga One Piece chapter 1052.


One Piece Manga Chapter 1052: “Dawn of a New Beginning.”

The cover continues with the Germa 66 story with the title: Germa meets Caesar Clown.

One Piece 1052 Dawn of a New Beginning.  the Germa 66 with Caesar Clown
One Piece 1052: Dawn of a New Beginning.

Since Wano will continue to close the door to the world, the giant elephant Zunesha has left. Drake and Hawkins have a conversation. Hawkins revealed that the person he guessed was 1% alive was himself and no one else. In fact, Hawkins’ fortune-telling predicted that Kaidou would be defeated, but out of pride, Hawkins decided not to change sides.

It has been 7 days since the battle between the Alliance of Ninja – Pirates – Mink clan – Samurai with the Beasts Pirates. Wano has now made remarkable progress after regaining its independence. Usopp, Franky and Minamoto (Franky’s master carpenter in Wano Country) are out at the harbor with the Heart and Kid Pirates. Everyone is repairing their boat. In addition to the Thousand Sunny, Franky also repairs the robot General Franky.

Bepo and Killer both complimented that General Franky‘s robot was cool and made his eyes sparkle. The Heart and Kid crew both guessed that the bounty for their two captains would be huge. Apoo in the hands of the Numbers Inbi ran into the harbor. Apoo showed the people there the new newspaper of the day. In the new newspaper there seemed to be quite a bit of information, about the new bounty, about who would be called the new emperors of the sea. But everything is not revealed in this chapter.

Oden, Ashura Douji and Izou are worshiped at a shrine. Ashura and Izou’s weapons are also on display here. It seems that Ashura was killed by the bomb explosion caused by Kanjuro. Izou died in battle after fighting the CP0 Maha. Everyone asked Marco’s opinion first so that Izou could be buried at this shrine.

One Piece Chapter 1052: Ashura Douji and Izou died in the last battle
One Piece Chapter 1052: Ashura Douji and Izou died in the last battle

The fox Onimaru appeared here and was apparently told by Kawamatsu “So you’re still alive!”

Yamato cried as he sat on the roof of the Shogun’s castle in the center of Hua Capital. Yamato cried while crying, “I’m hungry… I’m not hungry…” Right after that, Yamato heard that Luffy had woken up.

Zoro has also regained consciousness. Luffy and Zoro eat together in the castle.

Hearing the news, Momonosuke ran to ask the deadline and see if it was possible to hold a party today. However, the two young men didn’t care about Momonosuke at all and continued to eat.

Momonosuke ate Hiyori’s flying kick, but Momonsuke said that it’s stronger because of the (artificial) Devil Fruit, so these three mosquitoes. After that, Momonosuke touched Nami’s chest again and he was punched far away. Momonosuke also said that this was unharmed. Enter the bath at the majestic royal bathhouse with humorous segments combining the body-showing and revealing of the Straw Hats and Yamato.

One Piece Chapter 1052: Yamato take a bath with Straw Hat male members
One Piece Chapter 1052: Yamato take a bath with Straw Hat male members

Nami invited Yamato and Kiku to take a bath with the girls. But somehow, instead of going to the women’s bath with Nami, Robin saw Yamato appear in the men’s bath and meet the Straw Hat male members there. It was intentional that Yamato was bare-chested, not wearing anything, of course the faint smoke of the bathroom helped to hide what needed to be covered. Other characters like Tama, Carrot, Nekomamushi and so on are also at the bathing area to join in the fun.

Water Master Admiral Sakazuki and Admiral Rokugyu (Green Bull / Blue Bull) talk to each other.

Sakazuki: “Where are you?”

Rokugyu: “Right in front of me is Wano Country.”

Sakazuki: “Don’t do anything superfluous, Rokugyu!”

Admiral Rokugyu was flying to Wano Country with a flower on his back.

Story continues next week.

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