Best 10 Manhwa like Tower of God

10 Manhwa like Tower of God

If you are looking for other Manhwa like Tower of God, you are definitely in the right place. If you landed on this post, you must be a big fan of Tower of God Manhwa.

We have compiled a list of 10 Manhwa like Tower of God.

Similar Manhwa Like Tower Of God

If you enjoyed reading Tower of God, you might be looking for something similar. Well, you won’t have trouble finding other Manhwa Like Tower Of God, have fun. Let’s start with the list.

Note: This list is not ranked


unOrdinary has a unique story compared to other ordinary Zero to Hero manhwa. unORDINARY follows the life of John Doe, a teenage boy who attends Wellston Private High School, a prestigious school where every student has all kinds of special powers. What if John Doe, the main character, had no power in such a world? But he start over when he finds a book named “unOrdinary”? Or maybe the book is his end.

Nobody cared about John. He happened to be a global social worker and was a typical junior high school boy with great strength and abilities. that no one knows about.

There are some similarities, such as the protagonist being weak at first but becoming stronger over time. So add this manhwa like Tower of God to your list.

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DICE: The Cube That Changes Everything

DICE: The Cube That Changes Everything is already one of the popular webtoon. Anyway, you are looking for a good manhwa like Tower of God, so why not give it a try?

The story follows Donte, an unlucky who he hates his life. who has problems with almost everything, including a girl that he can’t get. Looks, grades, and even regularly bullied by others and does not courage to face them head-on, he deals with his tough life. But everything changes when he sit next to Tae-bin, and find a strange cube. Will this cube be the one that changes Dongtae’s life forever?

Manhwa Like Tower Of God, Dice also has some notable moments. In Tower of God, Bam envies Rachel Rachel and does the same with Dice to Eunjoo.

Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is a sensational hit series released in 2018. This story is one of those zero-to-hero stories where the protagonist is very overwhelmed. The solo leveling webtoon is already completed.

10 years ago, “The Gate” appeared all over the world, and connecting the demon world with a realm of magic. In a world where humans called hunters, To fight those monsters humans possess unique magical abilities. Sung Jin-Woo is also an “E-rank hunter” but he is the weakest E-Rank hunter, but he has to work as a hunter to pay for his mother’s medical bills.

Jin-Woo nearly died during a dangerous dungeon but somehow he survive and found a mysterious ranking system that helped him increase his power.

The God of High School

The story follows Jin Mori, who is invited to the martial arts tournament known as “The God Of High School”. Jin Mori promised Grandpa that he would become the best martial artist. High school students from all over the country participate in tournaments held by a secret corporation at the local and national levels.

This Webtoon contains not only crazy martial arts skills, but also magical abilities to make it even more interesting. Much manhwa like Tower of God, this manhwa has some epic moments and twists just when you thought everything was going well.

If you haven’t read this incredible manhwa yet, read it now. After all, it is a manga like Tower of God.

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Don’s Adventure In Another World

Don’s Adventure In Another World Manhwa like Tower of God
Don’s Adventure In Another World Manhwa like Tower of God

An assassin sent from Earth to another world obtained the powers and memories of Yan Lie (Yannis) after nearly killing Ning.

He is now the commander of Wu Mei’s second unit and frees the third prince of the Kingdom of Ning after holding him hostage because of a promise he made to him regarding the lives of soldiers.

A similar notion of becoming stronger through trial and experience is what inspired me to include it in my list of Manhwa Like Tower Of God.


Gosu Manhwa like Tower of God
Gosu Manhwa

Gang Ryoung hears of his master’s murder and learns that his master’s disciples killed him. He vows to kill everyone with his own hands, but unfortunately no one alive.

The world and characters of Gosu may not be the same, but the similar concepts as Shinsu of Tower of God leave you in awe. The entire first part is full of humor, and as the second part approaches, you can see why this is a classic Manhwa Like Tower Of God.

Versatile Mage

Versatile Mage Manhwa like Tower of God
Versatile Mage Manhwa like Tower of God (Image: WEBTOON)

When he wakes up, the world has changed. A familiar high school now teaches magic and encourages its students to become the best wizards. Beyond the city limits, wandering monsters are preying on humans. What hasn’t changed is the teacher who despises himself, the student who insults him, the father who struggles at the bottom of society, and the innocent sister-in-law who can’t walk. Mo Fan discovers that while everyone else can only use one primary element, he himself can use all magic!. The magic shown in this Manhwa Like Tower Of God.

Tales Of Demons And Gods

Tales Of Demons And Gods Manhwa
Tales Of Demons And Gods Manhwa like Tower of God (Image: WEBTOON)

In her past life, Nie Li was not strong enough to protect her home and loved ones. However, after a few years, he became the strongest magician and reached the pinnacle of martial arts. However, he loses his life in the battle between Sage Emperor and six deity-ranked beasts.

His soul was reborn when he was only 13 years old. He is the weakest in his class and has the least talent in the Red soul realm, but he used the vast knowledge he had developed in his previous life to complete his training before anyone else. He protects a futuristic city that has been attacked and destroyed by beasts, and protects loved ones, friends, and family members killed in beast attacks. He renounces the duties of his previous life and destroys the holy family who betrayed the city.


Apotheosis Manhwa
Apotheosis Manhwa like Tower of God (Image: WEBTOON)

Luo Zheng, a humble slave born as the eldest son of a wealthy prominent family. He is trampled by others, the downfall of his clan, the kidnapping of his sister by a mighty force. But heaven does not close all exits. The divine art hidden in the old book left by his father has been revealed, giving immeasurable power to those who read it! But what is behind this power? This is a battle against fate.

After falling from Cloud Nine and becoming an inferior slave, Luo Zheng unwittingly turns himself into a weapon. With the body wielding the most powerful weapons, he confidently aimed for the next move. An epic battle for glory, mighty races fighting for power, the heavens shake, the earth shakes. With a body like a magical treasure, he defeated enemies from all over the world. The moment Luo Zheng woke up, his story began…

The Gamer

The Gamer Manhwa
The Gamer Manhwa like Tower of God (Image: WEBTOON)

Gamers mainly because of its story arguably one of the most popular comics. The plot is similar to ‘Sword Art Online’, but instead of the protagonist being trapped in a video game, he suddenly is granted the ability of a gamer and he starts seeing the levels of everyone. He is in constant danger, and who could have given him such amazing abilities?

Ordinary high school student Han Jee-Han suddenly acquires a special ability that turns his life into a game. With his new powers, he can see people’s power levels, look up stats on seemingly mundane items, gain abilities, and level up! Over time, Han Jihan discovers how to use this new power to survive in a new world where everyone now has some kind of ability.

If you think you like combat and humor, add this comic to your list immediately. Hence, we present “The Gamer” to our list of manhwa like Tower of God.

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The Manhwa Tower of God was a wonderful experience. With new storylines and different personalities, the webtoons on the list will surely impress you.

This list is made especially for those looking for great Similar Manhwa Like Tower Of God. If you have any thoughts about this post, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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