My Liberation Notes Final Episode Broke the Rating Record

My Liberation Notes

At the end of the episode that aired this weekend, My Liberation Notes Episode 14 which aired yesterday Sunday (22/5) managed to break the rating record. According to Nielsen Korea, episode 14 achieved a nationwide rating of 6.1 percent, the highest record during its broadcast period.

Even though at the beginning of the first episode, Kim Suk-eun’s drama received only a 3.05 percent drop in ratings. Unlike its rival, Our Blues, the drama that aired on Netflix on Saturday and Sunday got off to a good start with 8.1 percent.

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The high rating achievement in My Liberation Notes episode 14 is thought to have worked because of the Mr. Romance scene. Gu (Son Seok-koo) and Yeom Mi-jong (Kim Ji-won). In the episode, Mr. Gu eventually reunites with Mi-jong. The two are known to have separated, as Mr. Gu decided to return to Seoul. Actually, Pak Gu was again included in the list of trending topics on Twitter last Monday (23/5).

For those of you who have never watched this drama, My Liberation Notes managed to steal the attention of drama connoisseurs because it has a plot that is so relatable, and experienced by the characters in the drama. Most of the issues raised are problems and questions experienced in everyday life.

For drama connoisseurs who prefer lifestyle works, My Liberation Notes can be one of the dramas on the watch list. So, how much have you been following this drama or are you still hesitating to get started, guys? Share your opinion in the comments column below, okay!

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