“My Master Has No Tail” Premiere in October, Promo Video

my master has no tail anime

TNSK’s original manga adaptation of the TV animation “My Master Has No Tail” has released the list of new voice actors and the second PV.

There are many subtle details in the charm and momentum of rakugo, which are worthy of deep appreciation.

Uchi no Shishou wa Shippo ga Nai, My Master Has No Tail
“My Master Has No Tail” Image: Shippona Anime

This work is based on the theme of “Rakugo above the top”, and describes the master-disciple love between Maeda, a girl who wants to become a rakugo, and her master, Bumhu Daikutei. The newly added seiyuu are: Takeda Ayana voice acting as the signature actor of “The Rakugo”, and also one of the Four Heavenly Kings, Mist Nozomi, Ishida Akira as the Ebisu Family Songlu, who is also the Four Heavenly Kings. The master of Heiting Wenhu, the rakugo master Daheatei Wencho.

In the second PV, you can see the newly released characters, along with Ogutei Wenhu played by Yamamura Hibiki, and Tsubaki Danji played by Eguchi Takuya. What kind of rakugo performance they will bring is also fascinating. Looking forward to more. “My Master Has No Tail” is expected to start broadcasting in October this year.

(c) TNSK・Kodansha/Chunlai Pavilion Event Photo Department

Source: Shippona Anime

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