New State Mobile Update 0.9.49: New Season, New Features, Patch Notes and More

New State Mobile Update 0.9.49

PUBG New State Mobile Update: The anticipated New State Mobile Update version 0.9.49, which will be released on May 25, has been formally announced by Krafton. On the same day, the game will remain down for six hours so that gamers may receive the patch notes. Krafton has made known all the information about the new features, weaponry, cosmetics, and more in order to raise anticipation for the impending release.

New State Mobile 0.9.49 patch notes

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming New State Mobile 0.9.49 patch notes:

Remake of the Royal Bounty

New battlefield ‘Bounty Royale’ is returning and provides more than simply a survival struggle.

Gather as much data as you can to win the tournament!

There are a total of 32 participants that may participate in the game, which is set in Akinta.

  • No matter what level they are at in Bounty Royale, all players will be paired.
  • Future upgrades may make Bounty Royale accessible on additional maps.

To concentrate on the gunplay, you can enter a match with the equipment and weapon of your choosing while still in the lobby.

90 FPS Graphics: Removed some limitations of graphics options

Removed some limitations of graphics options.

New State Mobile Update 90 FPS Graphics
New State Mobile Update 90 FPS Graphics
  • Players could previously only choose the Lite graphics quality on high-end devices if the frame rate was set to 90 fps. Players can now choose from a variety of visual options.
  • High graphics settings can result in serious system issues, overheating, frame dropouts, and high battery usage.
  • Future upgrades may optimise lower spec devices to support additional graphical options.

New State Mobile Update New Weapon

New weapon A deadly Light Machine Gun (LMG) named “MG5” has been added to the game

New State Mobile Update New Weapon
New State Mobile Update New Weapon

Added MG5:

  • The MG5 is a powerful LMG that fires 7.62mm ammunition.
  • All maps have access to MG5 in NEW CONDITION, which is as it appears on the field.
  • The MG5 features slots for a grapple and a scope.

MG5 C1 Customization:

  • Exclusive high capacity magazine
  • The Specialized High Capacity Magazine Customization adds the following changes to the weapon:
    • Increased magazine capacity (50 -> 100)
    • Decreased reload speed

Added Survivor Pass Vol.19

A new version of Survivor Pass Vol.19 has also been released:

New State Mobile Update Survivor Pass Vol.19
New State Mobile Update Survivor Pass Vol.19
  • The “Blocker” from the GLC serves as the title character in Survivor Pass Vol. 19.
  • Get a free character after you reach a particular pass level!
  • By subscribing to the Premium Pass, you may obtain the Blocker Costume Pack.
  • For extra prizes right away, buy the Premium+ Pass.
  • The Imperial Guard will be back in play if you upgrade to the Legacy Pass.
  • After acquiring a Premium Membership, any NC used for the Membership purchase will be reimbursed after you reach a particular membership level.

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