One Piece 1054 Spoiler Prediction: Admiral Ryokugyu Attacks Luffy, Stealing Pluton?

One Piece 1054 Spoiler Prediction Admiral Green Bull Attacks Luffy, Stealing Pluton

One Piece 1054 spoiler prediction: After a month of hiatus, OP 1054 will return with extremely unexpected developments – Will Admiral attack the New Yonko Luffy?

Summary of One Piece 1053

One Piece 1053 provides quite a lot of important information to readers. In the first events, the Five Elders are discussing with the Marines about Luffy’s bounty. They asked to take down the Gear 5 picture and remove the “D” from his name. The Navy said that they were unable to contact the publisher (i.e. Morgans) and that it is now too late to change things.

Next, we learn about the bounty of Law, Kid, Luffy. Because they joined forces to defeat the two Yonko, they were wanted 3 billion Berry each.

In Wano, the party officially begins. Everyone was happy to eat and drink without fear of anything. Game booths were also set up, creating an extremely lively atmosphere. In a corner, Hitetsu reveals to Robin that he is Sukiyaki Kozuki. At this point, Robin asks where Sukiyaki Pluton is because the stone in Alabasta told her that the Ancient Weapon is located in Wano.

At the prison area, the remnants of the Beasts Pirates were attacked by Admiral Ryokugyu (Aramaki). Tree branches sprouted from the admiral’s body and they sucked all the life force from the pirates. Both King and Queen were quickly defeated.

At the end, Kid brings newspaper to Luffy and announces that he – along with Buggy – has become the new Yonko!

One Piece 1054 Spoiler Prediction

In the last episode of One Piece, Admiral Ryokugyu (Aramaki) said that he was not in the mood for play because the outside world was a mess. Wano is an island completely isolated from information from the world and it is true that ever since Luffy arrived in Wano, we have almost nothing to know about the situation in the outside world. Lag thinks that while Luffy was busy dealing with Kaido, Buggy created a “miracle” so he became the Yonko. Did Buggy’s crew defeat the Marines that attacked him or… was it because of Shanks’ influence that Buggy was made Yonko?

buggy is new yonko
buggy is new yonkou

Admiral Ryokugyu (Aramaki) is heading to Wano. no, I’m not “crazy” to come here to challenge. Chapter 1054 will be the beginning of the final Saga of One Piece, so it is possible that Ryokugyu (Aramaki) is here to exchange something with Luffy. It’s also possible that the reason the Six Bulls came to Wano was because he was aiming for the Ancient Weapon Pluton!

Knowing that I will take a break for a month, author Oda has asked too many questions for readers. What is the fate of Kaido and Big Mom? A CP0 guy said he saw Big Mom’s ship, so maybe Big Mom’s crew will save the two former Yonko? What about Sabo? According to the information, Ryokugyu (Aramaki) encountered Sabo… and now he is here! Was Sabo really dead? These questions will probably be answered in One Piece 1054 – 1055.

One Piece 1054 Spoiler

One Piece 1054 spoiler will be updated as soon as possible, scheduled for 21 July.

One Piece Chapter 1054 Release Date and Time?

One Piece chapter 1054 is scheduled to be released on July 25, 2022 Japan time.

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