One Piece Chapter 1072 Stussy Betrayed CP0 and Sided with Vegapunk, Why?

One Piece Chapter 1072 Stussy Betrayed CP0 and Sided with Vegapunk, Why?

The revelation continues in One Piece Chapter 1072. fans want to know who he is Dr. Vegapunk’s mysterious ally? Did Stussy Betray CP0 and side with vegapunk?

As you know, Seraphim is a robot, clone, and cyborg capable of possessing Devil Fruit powers. However, it turns out that Oda revealed a different fact, Before Seraphim, there was only one clone who had Devil Fruit powers, which is Stacy.

One Piece Chapter 1072: Stussy’s true identity revealed

It is revealed that Stussy is the first successful clone of MADS, and Stussy is a user of the bat Zoan devil fruit. Using her powers, she puts Kaku to sleep and Rob begins targeting Lucy.

One Piece Chapter 1072: Stussy’s true identity revealed (Image credit:


CP0’s Stussy has been confirmed to be a clone of former Rocks Pirates member Miss Buckingham Stussy. It’s also been confirmed that she has a Devil Fruit based on bats and vampires, but more importantly her origins.

The cover of One Piece chapter 1070 features the 5 MADS members, revealing the fifth female member for the first time. However, this cover image did not show his name and appearance, but rather his back with the hat on to the viewer. Even then, fans guessed it was Stacy.

Therefore, the original Miss Buckingham Stussy is likely the fifth member of MADS, and Stussy “reminisces” about the island through her ancestors and her connection to Dr. Vegapunk. This explains why she knows how the defenses of Egghead Island work, even though she (probably) has never visited the place herself.

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One Piece Chapter 1072: Zoro vs Kaku

Finally, in a continuation of the previous chapter, the pirate hunters Zoro and Kaku continue to fight, with Kaku using an awakened form similar to that of Rob Lucy, who was recently seen fighting Luffy. Zoro slams Kaku onto the ground.

last word

All this information is taken from the unofficially translated chapter of One Piece Chapter 1072, it may be that some information will be changed when the official chapter is released.

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