One Piece: Author Eiichiro Oda Foreshadowed New Yonko 20 years ago

One Piece Author Eiichiro Oda Foreshadowed New Yonko 20 Years Ago

The fact that Luffy or especially Buggy became the Yonko surprised many One Piece fans. However, this was Foreshadowed by Oda 20 years ago.

One Piece 1053 Leaked Who Are The New Yonkous
One Piece 1053 Leaked Who Are The New Yonkous (Image: One Piece)

One Piece chapter 1053 witnessed the most shocking detail so far in this series, which is Buggy becoming the new Yonko along with Luffy. This Yonko couple replaces Big Mom and Kaido, who just lost the battle at Wano. So at the moment we have a new generation of Yonko including 2 old characters, Red Hair Shanks, Blackbeard and 2 new names including Buggy and Luffy.

If Luffy becoming the Yonko does not surprise many people because he himself is the main character. Luffy is also the one who defeated Kaido, so it is understandable that the Straw Hat captain took the position of the Yonko. However, the detail that has caused many One Piece fans to talk about in the past 24 hours is that Buggy has officially become the new Yonko of the pirate world.

Buggy Yonkou,
Buggy Yonkou (Image: Eiichiro Oda/Toei Animation)

Buggy is also affectionately named “clown” or “wind king” by One Piece fans. This comes from Buggy’s personality as “slashing“, using his eloquent ability to manipulate others. Thanks to this ability, he ascended to the Shichibukai post after the Battle of Marineford as the leader of a notorious group of prisoners who escaped from Inpel Down. In general, when it comes to Buggy, Vietnamese readers often refer to a humorous pirate rather than a person with real power.

Because of this, many fans were surprised when the information that Buggy officially became the Yonko was revealed in the latest One Piece chapter 1053. Many people are confused with this move of Oda and think that this author is just “joking” the audience.

One Piece: Author Eiichiro Oda Foreshadowed New Yonko 20 years ago
One Piece: Author Eiichiro Oda Foreshadowed New Yonko 20 years ago (Image: Fandom/The Hundred Million Man)

Surprisingly, however, some readers have realized that the cover art of the 25th volume (The Hundred Million Man), published in 2002, is an important detail that Oda tacitly announced the event that appeared 20 years later. Specifically, this cover photo features Shanks, Blackbeard, Luffy and Buggy. Compared to the information about the new chapter 1053, these are the current 4 Yonko of the pirate world in One Piece. Thus, Oda prepared for the new generation of Yonko 20 years ago.

Currently, Oda and the editorial team of One Piece are actively preparing for the 25th anniversary of the series’ debut (July 19, 1997) and the new generation of Yonko, Shanks, Blackbeard, Luffy and Buggy is “treaked” again on the cover of the 25th volume. This is a testament to the talent of Oda, a famous author with many details that he painstakingly prepared many years ago.

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