One Piece Prepare For The ‘Final Saga’

One Piece Prepare For The 'Final Saga'

Eiichiro Oda, creator of One Piece, announces that the One Piece manga will take a one-month break before the ‘Final Saga’ begins.

The official Twitter account for Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga revealed on Tuesday that the series will take a one-month break, all so that this mangaka is ready for the “Final Saga” of the story. It is not very clear how long it will last, but it is to be imagined that it is much larger than one chapter. It may be an arc, but what is the outcome of this long journey is obvious. It is difficult to guess its duration.

You just have to see how extensive the Wano Country Arc is, which began in chapter 909 of the manga in 2018 and will apparently end shortly after 1051, exceeding 142 chapters. Making a precise calculation of what Oda intends is almost impossible. In addition to preparing for the Final Saga of One Piece, this mangaka does so to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the manga. The series break will begin with Weekly Shonen Jump #30.

The Final Saga of One Piece will start after a break

That issue of Shueisha’s magazine will be published on June 27 in Japan. The One Piece manga will return with the 34th issue, which will go on sale on July 25 this year. There will be two more chapters available before the hiatus begins, so presumably they will serve as an epilogue to the Wano Country Arc. Nor can it be ruled out that they “prepare the ground” for what will come later. But it is not the only thing released recently in the series.

One Piece Prepare For The 'Final Saga'
Image: One Piece/Eiichiro Oda

Eiichiro Oda commented that many months ago several people told him that summer would be a difficult season. All due to the release of One Piece FILM: RED in theaters, the 25th anniversary of the manga and his plans to go to Africa. Why do you plan to go to this continent? Well, he wanted to supervise the filming of the live-action series of his work, a Netflix exclusive. To the aforementioned we must add the outcome of the Wano Country Arc.

Eiichiro Oda wanted to do a lot of things and I had to leave one out

Now that is too much! So people close to Oda recommended him to take a month’s break, but at first he refused. However, he decided to heed that advice. Especially since he needed time to prepare and that’s why he decided to take a break. What he ended up ruling out was the plan to go to Africa because the COVID-19 pandemic is still not completely over. The first thing is health.

There will be a live broadcast on Wednesday starting at 7:00 p.m. m. JST, 5:00 a.m. m. according to the time of central Mexico. There will be revealed the guest cast members of Gordon and Uta for One Piece: FILM RED. Also the artist behind the film’s theme song, a new trailer, information on the “Uta Project,” and a new poster drawn by Oda. So before the One Piece Final Saga begins there will be some very interesting information.

Let’s see if by chance the new trailer for One Piece: FILM RED lasts longer than the previous one, which you can see in this same note. Thanks to Anime News Network for the report.

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