One Piece: The Mystery of Gol D. Roger Treasure?

One Piece: The Mystery of Gol D. Roger Treasure

What is the Gol D. Roger treasure in One Piece is still a mystery.

One Piece approaching the final saga, we are finally getting closer to Gol D. Roger treasure.
One Piece treasure is the beginning of the adventure story of the Straw Hat pirates and many other pirates.

From the very beginning, Roger’s story about One Piece treasure forced several groups of pirates to attack each other, bow down, and fight for power.

However, after the manga has hit thousands of episodes, it still hasn’t given any open clues about One Piece treasures or its true nature.

But the question arises what is One Piece? What kind of treasure is Roger hiding?

The following is a riddle about the One Piece Gol D. Roger treasure:

One Piece treasure is physical

Nami bathing in gold
Nami bathing in gold

Many began to suspect that the story of Roger aka The Treasure did not really exist. Roger may have deliberately fabricated the story of One Piece and its treasures to steal more.

If anyone found them, they would already be the greatest pirates in the world. It has become a form of gift.

But an even more interesting plot twist, what if the original One Piece was just a journey?

That is, the friendship between Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates or any other group is One Piece’s treasure.

However, this opinion is easily refuted. Manga creator Eiichiro Oda confirmed that Roger’s treasure was a physical gift.

When Marshall D. Teach kills Whitebeard, Gol D. Roger’s rival and confidant, he insists that the world will be “shaken to the core” when One Piece is discovered.

So whatever this thing is, it’s going to prove to be something real and interesting.

Personal Property

shanks giving luffy straw hat
shanks giving luffy straw hat

The One Piece anime has taught that treasure is not always gold. In fact, Luffy’s hat itself is a treasure to him.

Likewise, perhaps Gol D. Roger treasure did not contain a large amount of gold, but perhaps some of his personal belongings.

This prediction can be viewed from the point of view that many of Roger’s pirates had personal possessions that were more valuable than material possessions. Something that meant more to Roger than the gold.

The Void Century

void century one piece Lost History
The Void Century One Piece

This is the most popular theory about One Piece’s treasure. this treasure is a lost historical clue or often referred to as Poneglyphs.

Poneglyphs are large tablets written in ancient languages, detailing the history of ancient peoples. There are 30 in total.

One of Luffy’s crew, Nico Robin, can read it.

The World Government has declared that it is a dangerous weapon consisting of three super weapons: Poseidon, Uranus and Pluton.

The first ponyglyph was created by the Kozuki family in Wano Country, detailing the events of Void Century. Gol D. Roger is a descendant of this family.

These are three theories about the Gol D. Roger One Piece Treasure.

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