One Piece: Revealed other significant details on the “Will of D”

One Piece: Will of D.

One Piece continuously uncovers clues to the mysterious “D” appearing in the names of several One Piece characters, such as the Monkey D. Luffy, Marshall D. Teach, Portuguese D. Ace, and the Pirate King Gol D. Roger.

The final chapter of the series left another clue about the meaning of this letter.

The opening proved to be one of the series’ most unexpected mysteries and launched important anticipations. These are based not only on Luffy’s bond with other important characters who have similar initials but also on the mystery of “Will of D.” in general.

One Piece “Will of D.”

One Piece Will of D Mystery Revealed
One Piece “Will of D” Mystery

Oda is currently preparing for the final saga of the manga after 25 years of serialization. The final chapter before the break clarifies the endpoints of the Wano arc.

Moving on to the manga’s story from here, the final chapter of the series left another important clue about this mysterious initial “D“.

One of the Five Elders in the world government wanted to prevent the initial from being printed in the new Luffy new form poster after his fight against Kaido and Big Mom.

The final chapter continues to explore the outcome of Wano’s violent battle, and news of Luffy’s exploits has already reached the outside world.

In Mariejois, an elder tries to stop the press before the news reaches the entire world. He yells at one of your subordinates for not only updating Luffy’s Photo but removing the “D” from Luffy’s name.

Although he does not explain why it is clear that he is related to Luffy who becomes the new emperor after Wano.

Now Luffy has regained his place as a Younko at sea, cementing his ties with the legendary Joyboy. And the initial “D” in his name is also a big thorn in the side of world government.

This further demonstrates how vital “Will of D.” is and will hopefully provide more concrete information in the manga’s final arc.

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