One Piece: Yamato would be an Ancient Weapon, according to this theory

Yamato would be an Ancient Weapon pluton

In the highlight of chapter 1053 of the One Piece manga, confirmed that Pluton Ancient weapon is in Wano during Robin conversation with Kozuki Tsukiyaki.

At the same time, several theories emerged in an attempt to infer the true nature of the weapon. We have already seen that Poseidon reveals himself as a person, Princess Shirahoshi. What if the same thing happened to Pluton?

As much as it has been said that the pluton was a giant warship, one of the strongest theories among fans suggests that this ancient weapon may have been a man who was a major attraction during the Wano arc: Yamato, Kaido’s daughter. . . .

Yamato, The Battleship

Yamato during sea trials, October 1941

The idea came from the real-life fact that “Yamato” was the name of the largest warship in the world, built in Japan – the country where Wano was located.

As per its description on Wikipedia, “Yamato (大和?)” was an armored ship operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy in World War II, built by the shipyards of the Kure Naval Arsenal.

She was the first vessel of the Yamato Class, along with her brother Musashi, the heaviest and most powerful battleship ever built in history.

The size of the Yamatos

One Piece The size of the Yamatos

There is another detail that would hardly be a coincidence: the size of the two Yamatos.

The length of Kaido’s daughter is 2.63 meters while the length of the Japanese ship is 263 meters.

Oda played around with the height of the characters. For example, the king that is 6.13m (the king is the 13th card of the suit) and the queen that is 6.12m (the queen is the 12th card).

Did Kaido know that Pluton was in Wano?

One Piece 1036
One Piece 1036

Another interesting detail: in chapter 1016 of the One Piece manga, Kaido makes it clear to Yamato that he specifically wants to live in Wano, indicating that he chose the country o be his base for nothing.

The problem with theory

Luffy and Yamato
Luffy and Yamato

The only thing that doesn’t fit this theory is that Pluton, once considered a “highly advanced warship capable of mass destruction”, was considered “the worst warship in the world”. So how could the Yamato be an ancient weapon?

Perhaps the Yamato is not the only weapon, but a kind of “key” to access the pluton. Possibly based on Yamato sister ship Musashi.

While the Yamato is not an ancient weapon, its name and height in relation to the biggest battleship in the real world does not seem coincidental.

We’ll find out more about Pluton when One Piece returns from hiatus with chapter 1054 of the manga in late July.

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