One Punch Man Interesting Fact: This Creature Is The Only One Who Ever Hurt Saitama

One Punch Man vs. God

Saitama is the main character in the One Punch Man series who has physical strength beyond human reason.

Being too strong, he usually took out monsters with just one hit.
In addition to his incomparable punches, Saitama also has extraordinary endurance.
It was evident when he faced a monster that had a Dragon threat level like Boros.

Saitama received Boros’ ultimate attack that sent his body flying up to the moon. But he was able to return to earth easily without the slightest injury to his body or skin. But did you know that Saitama had received wounds on his body.

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The wound he got in One Punch Man Volume 08 “Bonus Chapter: Lost Cat”.

Torako Missing Poster

It should be remembered that this wound in question was received by Saitama when he had obtained his god powers, namely after going bald.

In that chapter Saitama was given the task of one of the Hero Association executives to find the missing cat.

The cat, named Torako, is actually owned by the executive’s son.

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Saitama went to look for him and after a while he managed to find Torako. In the process of searching for Torako, Saitama is shown defeating a cat monster with a Demon threat level.

Then at the end of the chapter after the executive’s son managed to meet his cat again. Saitama suddenly and for no reason grabbed the cat by the armpit and lifted it up.

Suddenly the cat scratched Saitama’s face and saw two vertical red lines along his face due to Torako’s claws.

image: Fandom

The wound is very identical as when we are scratched by cats in general. Torako’s claws managed to pierce Saitama’s skin which usually can’t be hurt by even a Dragon threat level monster.

Even when scratched Saitama looks in pain and he looks annoyed while swearing to kill the cat.

By far it was the most visible wound Saitama had ever received.

Image: Fandom

Therefore, until now Torako is respected by One Punch Man fans as the strongest creature in the world for successfully injuring Saitama.***

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