One Punch Man, is there a final coming soon?

One-Punch Man, ending coming soon

Since 2012, shortly after the debut of the webcomic ONE, Yusuke Murata has decided to start a new series in Shueisha Weekly Young Jump’s digital visual magazine. He thus began to remake One Punch Man in manga format, with excellent illustrations that once again showed the artistic prowess of the mangaka.

To date, with ten years on his shoulders, One-Punch Man is one of the most followed manga. Saitama’s power is even more at the centre of events lately, with a fight that many have been waiting for, which will affect what has happened so far. Meanwhile, Yusuke Murata shared some words on Twitter that raised doubts for more than one reader.

Special words of Yusuke Murata

Saitama OK
Saitama One Punch Man

“The series is coming to an end. Me and sensei ONE will do our best to the end.” As it was recently revealed, ONE is collaborating on the One-Punch Man manga, and it looks like the two have something in mind. In Japanese, the sentence is not constructed to suggest the final conclusion of One-Punch Man. So there is a high chance that the current story arc will end soon.

There are actually other chapters to adapt from the webcomic, including Saitama’s story, which is unlikely to end here.

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