PUBG Developer Shows off Virtual Beauty Ana

Krafton, PUBG Developer Shows off Virtual Beauty Ana

The virtual human ANA being made by the developer PUBG has a very realistic appearance, is equipped with AI and has the ability to sing like a human.

Krafton is best known for gamers around the world for two PUBG titles and the upcoming game The Callisto Protocol, but today, they’re showing off a very different product. It’s a “virtual human” named Ana, a character that Crafton will help NSX establish the Web ecosystem. Ana is built on top of the Unreal 5 engine, with its ultra-realistic human modeling toolset.

However, before performing her role in Web3, Ana was destined to become a… virtual star first. “We hope she will capture the attention of Gen Z around the world,” said Josh Seok-Jin Shin, Krafton’s head of creativity. “Ana will release a self-composed CD, then expand her reach as a virtual influencer towards various fields of entertainment and eSports.”

KRATFON Virtual Human ANA
KRATFON Virtual Human ANA (Image: KRATFON)

The idea of ​​Virtual Influencers is not new, already a lot of companies are using the same. Last year, Samsung’s Sam also grabbed the attention of the community for a long time, even though it was only a few sketches and not a finished version. However, most of these characters fall into oblivion after some time, when gamers get a new “waifu“.

Hopefully, Crafton will find a way to keep his new character different and truly successful. Crafton said they will release more information about Anna this year, including the story surrounding her.

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