Sadie Sink may star in ‘The Selection’ movie

Sadie Sink may star in The Selection movie

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After long months of waiting, since the confirmation that Netflix had bought the rights to ‘The Selection’, we finally have news about the film.

Instagram @mundodeconforto published today that Stranger Things actress Sadie Sink can be cast to give life to America Singer, protagonist of ‘The Selection’.


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The information came from Deuxmoi, one of Hollywood’s most famous insiders. According to him, Netflix is casting the actors and the film is expected to start shooting in 2023.

If you don’t already know her, Sadie Sink is one of the stars of Stranger Things and the protagonist of the short film made by Taylor Swift for her visual album ‘All to Well’.

Now, if you don’t know ‘The Selection’, just take a look at the synopsis of the first book:

Sadie Sink may star in 'The Selection' movie

Many girls dream of being princesses, but this is not the case for America Singer. She agrees to enroll in the Selection just to please her mother, certain that she will not be selected to participate in the competition in which the prince will choose his future wife. But of course, after that, her life will never be the same…

For thirty-five girls, the Selection is the chance of a lifetime. It’s the opportunity to be lifted into a world of dazzling dresses and valuable jewelry. From living in a palace, winning the heart of handsome Prince Maxon and one day being the queen. For America Singer, however, being among the Selected is a nightmare. It means leaving the boy she loves behind. Abandoning her family and home to get into a fierce contest for a crown she doesn’t want. And living in a palace under the constant threat of rebel attacks. Then America meets the prince in person – and realizes that the life she’s always dreamed of may be nothing compared to the future she’d never dared to imagine.

Now tell me here in the comments, what do you think about Sadie playing the protagonist of the book series written by Kiera Cass?

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