Sailor Moon Crystal and other Anime Release on Netflix in June 2022,

Sailor Moon Crystal and other Anime Release on Netflix in June 2022

The popular streaming service brings great news that will excite all its fans.

As usual, the Netflix streaming service has announced a list of new anime that will soon arrive in its catalog. This month of June is full of nostalgia, since a series of Sailor Moon movies and other 90s anime will be exclusively released that will make you travel back in time.

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list of anime premieres on Netflix in June 2022.

Sailor Moon Crystal (Seasons 1-3)

Release date: June 1

Official synopsis:

The silver crystal, one of the most valuable jewels on the planet, is the target of a villain who is capable of anything to gain unlimited power. In the midst of all this, Usagi, Darien and other characters appear, who must fight to prevent the earth from succumbing to the evil plans of those who call themselves the Black Moon Clan.

Sailor Moon Crystal on Netflix in June 2022

Sailor Moon R: The Movie

Release date: June 15

Official synopsis:

The earth is under a terrible threat. The evil Kisenian has told the sailor guardians that she intends to steal all the energy that exists in the solar system using her negative waves, it is at that moment that Sailor Moon jumps into action.

Sailor Moon S: The Movie

Release date: June 15

Official synopsis:

A new threat to the blue planet. A cold-hearted villain who calls herself Princess Kaguya wants to freeze the entire world with a giant comet, but her plans are thwarted when an astronomer notices this and alerts the sailors.

Sailor Moon S: The Movie on netflix

Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie

Official synopsis:

Children’s wishes are in danger. A villain intends to use a black hole of dreams to take everything from the little ones. Now, Serena and her friends must fight for the good of Chibi Moon and the whole world.

Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie on netflix


Release date: June 18

Official synopsis:

A great civilization once existed on this Earth. With knowledge and scientific prowess far superior to that of modern man, his relics remain hidden in this world. As high-speed communication networks cover the world and the eyes of satellites can reveal all secrets, the armies of great nations clash as they seek to discover and investigate these artifacts that possess unfathomable “power”.

A member of this ancient civilization engraved a message on a plate: “Protect our relics from evildoers.” Taking this message to heart, an organization aims to seal this ancient civilization forever.

spriggan netflix download

One Piece (Seasons 8-10)

Release date: June 22.

Official synopsis:

Wealth, fame and power. One man had obtained everything in this world and he was the Pirate King, Gold Roger. But before he died, his last words inspired the world to venture out to sea: “My treasure? If they want it, it’s theirs. I have hidden everything in that place.”

Thus began what is known as the Great Age of Piracy, which launched hundreds of pirates into the sea to find the great One Piece treasure.

One Piece (Seasons 8-10) On Netflix


Release date: June 30

Official synopsis:

400 years after the collapse of modern civilization, the world was plunged into the chaos of magic and swords. The dark rebel corps, whose goal is to revive the destructive god Anthracus, continued to expand its power to rule the world, centering on the four heavenly kings who have overwhelming magical power. Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Meta-Ricana, on the continent of Central Metallion, is attacked by a dark rebel force led by a mage.

In order to save the kingdom, the High Priest’s daughter, Tia Note Yoko, is forced to make a decision. It is about reviving the old great mage who once planned to rule the world, which is contained in her childhood friend Ruche Renren. And only the virgin’s kiss can break the seal.

The moment Yoko puts her lips on Ruche, in an impending crisis, a black flame fills her surroundings. The strongest, most insane and transcendental beautiful hero, the legendary mage Dark Schneider, is back!

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