Shadows House 2 With Release Date And New Trailer

shadows house season 2

The second season of Shadows House has a premiere date as well as a new trailer and additional details of its new episodes.

Shadows House Season 2 With Release Date And New Trailer

This Thursday the team behind the Shadows House anime broadcast a special related to its second season and revealed its premiere date, which will be July 8. During the streaming, a new trailer was published that allows us to appreciate what this new wave of episodes will bring. At the moment it is not available through YouTube but it was published by the official Twitter account and it does not have such a bad quality.

In this advance two musical themes can be heard, which are the new opening and ending of the anime. The first one can be heard towards the end of the filming and is sung by ReoNa. It is titled Shall We Dance? (We Dance?). Regarding the second, it is interpreted by ClariS and is called Masquerade (Masquerade); can be heard at the beginning of the video. I think that both melodies sound good and we will have to hear them in their entirety.

Speaking of Shadows House Season 2 premiere date, it will be 24:00 JST on July 8th, so it would technically be the next day. It will hit the Tokyo MX, BS11, Gunma TV, and Tochigi TV channels first. It will then come to BS Asahi, WOWOW, MBS, and Fukushima TV. At the moment Crunchyroll has not confirmed if it will add this sequel to its catalog, but I think it is possible. It was one of the Funimation series.

So it is only a matter of time before information about it emerges. As revealed, the original cast is back in this continuation. This is how Akari Kitō plays Kate, Yū Sasahara plays Emilico, Ayane Sakura plays Louise/Lou, Kōdai Sakai is behind John/Shaun and Reiji Kawashima has the role of Patrick/Ricky. As for what can be seen in the trailer, things seem to be getting very ugly.

All due to a sudden invasion of creatures that seem to be made from the soot that casts the same shadows. Their number is such that Emilico has to resort to “heavy artillery” in the form of a huge vacuum cleaner. But it is not the only one that takes action. Other characters can also be seen and some new abilities are brought out that allow them to move forward. However, danger lurks from all sides.

The premiere date of the second season of Shadows House is appropriate, since it would be part of the first week of releases. Thanks to Anime News Network for the report.

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