SPY X FAMILY: Who is Yuri and why is he a danger to Twilight’s mission?

SPY X FAMILY: Who is Yuri and why is he a danger to Twilight's mission?

The new episode of the anime “SPY X FAMILY” allowed us to learn more about the character who joins the Forger family, but who could put the mission at risk.

The story of the mangaka Tatsuya Endo has become one of the most viewed of the season. This spy comedy is winning over anime fans, who eagerly await the release of each episode.

“SPY X FAMILY” aims to be one of the most watched of the year, and it has everything necessary to be in the first place of the public’s preference. Although season 1 has not yet finished airing, it is already on the list of the anime with the best score in history, according to the My anime list platform.

With the premiere of Episode 8, details of the entry of a new character who comes to turn the mission of ‘Twilight’, Yor and little Anya, were known. Who is it about?


If we make a brief summary of the first chapters of the anime, Yor is associated with the talented spy so that her brother does not worry about her, in addition to covering up her role as a hired assassin so as not to be discovered.

SPY X FAMILY: Who is Yuri and why is he a danger to Twilight's mission?
(Image: Crunchyroll)

Yuri is Yor Forger’s protective brother. Like his sister, he has a secret that could jeopardize the family’s work to keep the peace of the nations.

Since he was a child, he has stood out for his intelligence, which is why his characteristics caused him to be invited to join the State Security Service of Ostania. His work with the government, and the goals he has set for himself, is what would cause a real tragedy if he manages to discover that ‘Twilight’ is the man who tries to ruin his plans.

Yuri Briar is 20 years old and is known for his cruelty when handling the interrogations of suspects who are a risk to Ostania.

His appearance in Yor’s life is intended to find out how he is, especially after he confessed to him in a phone call that he had a serious relationship, so he had no reason to worry about his well-being.

SPY X FAMILY: Who is Yuri and why is he a danger to Twilight's mission?
Who is Yuri, Yor’s brother in the Spy X Family anime? (Image: Crunchyroll)


The Briars have no relatives to care for them, as they are orphans and have each other. Being present in Yor’s life will allow him to know if ‘Twilight’, under the identity of the psychiatrist Loid, deserves it.


This is the list of episodes that have aired simultaneously with Japan. These are part of the first season for 2022.

This is the anime of the moment that has amassed a huge number of fans all over the world. Credits:

Spy X Family chap 1: “Strix”.
Spy X Family cap 2: “Getting a wife”.
Spy X Family cap 3: “Enter Eden”.
Spy X Family cap 4: “Objective: pass the interview.”
Spy X Family cap 5: “The result”.
Spy X Family cap 6: “Objective: make friends”.
Spy X Family cap 7: “The target’s second son”.
Spy X Family cap 8: “Operation against the camouflage of the secret police”.

Every Saturday a new chapter of the anime is released on the Crunchyroll platform. The videos that you can find in their catalog are available in English, Japanese and Spanish. You can also follow the story through Manga Plus, a platform that has the chapters.


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