Square Enix Open World Action-Adventure “Just Cause” Series is Now in Development

Square Enix Open World Action-Adventure Just Cause

Japan’s Square Enix released the information of the final accounts briefing held on May 13th on the Internet, and officially revealed in the information that it is currently developing the latest work of its “Just Cause” series.

“Just Cause” is an action-adventure game series developed by Sweden’s Avalanche Studios. The game uses an open world as a stage, allowing players to become the American spy “Rico Rodriguez” and enter various Such a totalitarian country, challenge various difficult task levels, and fight to protect world peace. So far, this work has launched a total of four series works, of which the latest four generations have not heard any news about the new series since their launch in 2018.

Action-Adventure "Just Cause"
Just Cause (Image: Square Enix)

As Square Enix recently announced the sale of its three overseas development studios including Crystal Dynamics/Eidos-Montréal/Square Enix Montréal, it also sold “Tomb Raider”, “Deus Ex Hacking”, “Thief” After game IPs such as “Rogue” and “Legacy of Kain”, “Just Cause” has become one of the few overseas IPs retained by Square Enix, so its latest trends have begun to attract attention again.

In addition, as mentioned above, through the disclosure of the official final accounts, it has been confirmed that this work is currently under development and production of the latest work in the series. As for the latest information about this new work, it has yet to be released by the official follow-up. However, for players who like the series, they should be very happy with the development of new works.

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