Stranger Things Season 4: The Origin of First Upside Down Portal

Stranger Things Season 4: The Origin of First Upside Down Portal

This article, “The Origin of First Upside Down Portal,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Stranger Things season 4.

For twenty-five episodes, the gates leading to the Upside Down have been filled in Hawkins, Indiana. We had a tree in Hawkins Lab and under the huge Starcourt Mall. This season, several popped up, including one on the bottom of a lake and on the roof of Uncle Wayne’s trailer. But have you ever asked yourself how the gates started? Stranger Things’ spectacular fourth season shows how the Right Side Up connects to the Upside Down and vice versa.

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Stranger Things season 4: How the First Upside Down Portal Was Created?

In the fourth season, when the characters were killed by a dark wizard named Vecna, the gates began to pop up. When the demon killed Chrissy, she was touching the roof of the trailer, which released an organic material that began to form and form a gate to another dimension – the Upside Down! When Patrick was killed in the lake, they found an entrance there. (Please note, when Fred was killed and driven into the highway, it was never noticed that there was a gate opened).

In What’s Happening Vecna Hawkins uses a powerful psychological connection to connect with teens who are suffering from depression, nightmares, and trouble sleeping. Once he finds those weaknesses, he puts the person in a trance and gains control over his thoughts. While the person physically remains on the Right Side Up, they panic in the Upside Down.

Stranger Things season 4: The Origin of First Upside Down Portal

Yes, but now you are saying let’s get to the point. OK, I’ll turn off the Band-Aid. Vecna ​​is building all these gates all over town, so can we assume he built the first one at Hawkins? Well, he is partially responsible. Because before that Vecna ​​was the worst, scariest spellcaster in the world – that was Peter Ballard. That’s right, the orderly in Hawkins Lab, which years ago was Henry Creel.

We have a standoff between Peter and XI. Eleven uses the memory of losing his mother to overtake Peter’s powers. She slams him against the wall and begins to tear Peter apart atom by atom, almost atom by atom. Eleven kills Peter, leading to the unintended consequence of building a portal to the Upside Down. When he is done, Peter has a pulsating, glowing red wall in the center of the cement tile. This is how the gate was built in 1979.

The last time we see Peter is falling from a red abyss, being struck by lightning, and slowly turning into a dark monster with vines for hair. He has turned into the dark wizard Vecna.

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