The Fiery Priest Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and Plot

The Fiery Priest Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and Plot

According to several reports, SBS is now preparing for The Fiery Priest Season 2 after the success of ‘The Fiery Priest’. The new season should be ready for airing in 2023.

Written by Park-Jae-bum and directed by Myoung woo Lee in 2019, “The Fiery Priest” redefines comedy and drama. The drama depicts how the hot-tempered priest Kim Hee-il tries to unravel the mystery behind his mentor’s death. In this drama, Kim got involved in several situations and came up with a sequel to the case in which he gets rid of them in order to find the killer.

The Fiery Priest Season 1 Recap

There was also an action-packed scene where Agent Lee fights Kim Hae-il. Agent Lee brings up Sister Kim as leverage. However, a fight ensued between the two, and finally Kim Hae-il was able to subdue Agent Lee. During this, he is also beaten up very badly.But it finally ended. Kim Hae-il faces and overcomes his own demons. The ending is hilarious.

Seung-ah and Dae-young Young gather outside the warehouse. They’re all dressed up and ready to face a warehouse full of thugs. However, the ending scene sees them running away from a group of thugs.

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The Fiery Priest Season 2 Plot

Unfortunately for the fans, the plot of the second season is yet to be revealed by the makers. So We can expect the story to continue as it happened in the first season.

As a priest, Kim Hae Il tries to control his anger and find out who killed Father Lee. You may see a new story development with more twists and turns. But so far nothing is known for sure.

The Fiery Priest Season 2 Release Date

Fans are eagerly waiting for the second season of The Fiery Priest Korean drama. The Fiery Priest Season 1 was released on February 15, 2019. It’s been almost three years since the first season, and we’re now eyeing various platforms for our follow-up.

Well, there is no official update on the release date of the second season of the series. But in anticipation of its arrival, the matter is moving forward. All shows are set to return for Season 2 in 2023.

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