The second special film of the animated movie “Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes”, Piccolo became the Gohan family nanny?

dragon ball super: super hero

Toriyama Akira’s original adaptation of the animated film “Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes” has released the second special video “Pick Up Children”.

In the special video, Piccolo received a phone call from Bier, saying that Gohan was too busy with his thesis so he couldn’t get away, and asked Piccolo to pick up the child. Bier said that he would give him a “Penguin” doll as a thank you gift, Bier said. Because Ke was angry, he ran to Gohan and read him a meal: “I heard that you are busy with very important research, so you can’t pick up the child!” Unexpectedly, Gohan also said the same thing to Beer: “I will do it later. I’ll buy a doll for you!” But why this doll! Piccolo is no longer the big devil, but everyone’s nanny and the teacher of the parenting class who picks up the children from class? ! “Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes” will be released in Japan on 6/11!

Official Website: Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes


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