Ultimate Weapon Alice: Park Se Wan and Song Geon Hee’s New Drama That Will Air Next Month

Ultimate Weapon Alice Song Geon-Hee and Park Se-Wan

Synopsis Ultimate Weapon Alice immediately became the talk of Korean fans after the drama poster was officially released. The plan, directed by Lee Byung Hun, will premiere on June 24, 2022.

Ultimate Weapon Alice is a new drama that collaborates with two well-known young artists, namely Park Se Wan and Song Geon Hee.

Curious about the Korean drama? Let’s see the synopsis of Ultimate Weapon Alice below.

Ultimate Weapon Alice Sinopsis

Ultimate Weapon Alice Song Geon-Hee and Park Se-Wan

Ultimate Weapon Alice is the latest drama from the WATCHA platform, starring Park Se Wan and Song Geon Hee. This drama tells the story of Gyeo Ul (Park Se Wan), a mysterious transfer high school student who is also a murderer.

At his new school, Gyeo Ul meets a student named Yeo Reum (Song Geon Hee) who is traumatized. I don’t know what happened, after that both of them were chased by criminal organizations.

This drama will be led by director Lee Byung Hun, who directed the popular film Extreme Job and the realistic drama Melo Is My Nature or Be Melodramatic. He is also the director of the hit film Twenty and the latest film Dream, starring Park Seo Joon and IU.

Director Seo Sung Won of the short film I Go Through the Summer will also be working with director Lee Byung Hun on this new project. The script will be co-written by the two directors, and the drama will be produced by Plus Media Entertainment of Unstoppable.

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Ultimate Weapon Alice Cast

Image via KDramaStars (Instagram/@sewanitsme/@songgeonhee)

Park Se Wan will play Gyeo Ul, a mysterious transfer student who turns out to be a murderer. His complicated high school life when he meets Yeo Reum will be the main focus of this drama.

Meanwhile, Song Geon Hee will be playing a traumatized high school student named Yeo Reum. His encounter with Gyeo Ul somehow leads them to be hunted by a criminal organization.

Apart from Park Se Wan and Song Geon Hee who will play the two main leads, other talented actors will also be joining the drama. They include Kim Sung Oh, Kim Tae Hoon, Jung Seung Gil, Cha Joo Young, and many more.

Park Se-Wan Photos
Image via k-diary (Instagram Park Se-wan/@sewanitsme)

Director Lee Byung Hun has produced many hit dramas and films, no wonder this new work he leads immediately steals the attention. After all, there’s no reason to miss this drama if you like the acting of Park Se Wan and Song Geon Hee who are famous for being solid.

Park Se Wan is a young actress born in 1994 whose acting stands out in several hit dramas. He has starred in dramas Radiant Office, School 2017, I’m Not Robot, Joseon Survival, Never Twice, So Not Worth It and many more.

Song Geon-hee Photos
Image via Viki (Instagram Song Geon-hee/@songgeonhee)

Meanwhile, Song Geon Hee attracted viewers when he starred in the popular dramas My ID is Gangnam Beauty, SKY Castle, At Eighteen, Love Alarm, Arthdal Chronicles, The Tale of Nokdu, Mystic Pop-up Bar, and Missing: The Other Side. The actor’s latest drama born in 1997 is Snowdrop in 2021.

That’s the synopsis of Ultimate Weapon Alice, the new drama of Park Se Wan and Song Geon Hee by the famous director Be Melodramatic. If you are curious about the acting skills and chemistry of these two young stars, Ultimate Weapon Alice will premiere through WATCHA on June 24, 2022. So, don’t forget to watch it! Save the game date and don’t miss it!

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