Warframe: How to Get Phantasma Prime Relics

Phantasma Prime Relics in Warframe

Warframe: How to Get Phantasma Prime Relics: The Revenant Prime couldn’t go into combat unarmed, so he brought his signature Phantasma Prime into the mix. It’s noticeably stronger than its counterpart, so you’ll definitely want to pick it up, especially since it’s one of the best primary weapons in the game. If you want to go the free grind route with weapons, here are the essential relics that include Phantasma Prime in Warframe.

All Phantasma Prime Relics in Warframe

Unlike Revenant Prime, it has a more spread-out set of relics you’ll need to farm.

  • Stock – Lith P6 – Rare
  • Barrel – Meso P10 – Rare
  • Receiver – Meso K4 – Common
  • Blueprint – Axi N9 – Uncommon

As you will see, this weapon will have two rare components. Luckily, these are on the lower-tier Relics, so they’re a little easier to get than their Axi counterparts. You’ll want to turn these Relics into a Radiant tier to increase the chance of rare parts drop.

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You also do not need to do much to craft Phantasma Prime. All you need to do is get the blueprint and all its parts, 15,000 credits and 10 Orokin sales.

If you want to get the relics fast, so you have all the parts you need to craft Phantasma Prime.

Essentially, you want to partake in the quick speed running of simple objective missions in a Void. With a proper build, you can complete these quests in less than 2 minutes and with a high chance of earning a relic. Make sure to grind so hard that you burn out. There are many other ways to earn Relics in the game, such as Syndicate Packs, buying them from other players, and endless quests.

Diversify the types of missions you play in the game. Also, Orokin cells are a scarce resource. You can kill two birds with one stone by participating in survival missions on Ceres or Deimos. Optimize farming methods as much as you can, so you can significantly reduce grinding times and avoid burns.

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