Warframe: How to Get Tatsu Prime Relics

Warframe Tatsu Prime

The Tatsu Prime, the gold-trimmed upgrade to the original, is another must-have for your arsenal. Released with Revenant Prime, it is an ideal long-range melee weapon that can dodge anyone who opposes it. If you decide to go the farming route instead of buying Prime Access, here’s how to get the essential relics for Tatsu Prime in Warframe.

All Tatsu Prime Relics in Warframe

This would be an easy Prime weapon to acquire, given that you only need three parts compared to Revenant Prime.

  • Tatsu Prime Blade – Neo T6 – Uncommon
  • Tatsu Prime Blueprint – Lith H6 – Common
  • Tatsu Prime Handle – Axi T10 – Rare

Although Tatsu Prime only requires three parts, it still requires 15 Orokin cells to prepare, once you have everything. These only come in as individual units when dropped, unless you have something like a resource booster to double the advantage. Again, the same farming methods apply if you’re trying to cut down on grinding time for something like a Phantasma Prime.

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Also, now that this weapon requires Neo relics and Axi, you’ll have to do some work on higher-level missions. The most consistent place to get them is at Mot. It is a void survival mission that is unlocked through Sedna’s progress track on the star chart.

Be prepared for a tough grind, though. MOT is the most difficult mission here, in which the enemies can move as fast as they can. Every rotation A and B, you’ll get an almost guaranteed Neo relic. Each rotation of C gives you the Axi Relics. Note that with each rotation of reward, you can get Aya instead.

However, this location is the most consistent, as every 5 minutes is guaranteed Void Relic of any kind. Even if you can’t find the things you need for Tatsu Prime, you can use them as cash for cheap parts and Void Traces.

Specifically, you want Void traces to upgrade relic levels. When you break parts of Tatsu, they increase the chance of rare drops appearing.

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