7 Facts about The Last: Naruto the Movie, The Last Naruto Film!

 The only canon or official Naruto film with a main story

This means, The Last is in the continuation of the main manga story as well and continues into Boruto too. The rest of the film is filler story.

Masashi Kishimoto ONLY  involved in three Films

Of the three, only two where Masashi Kishimoto wrote the original story, namely  The Last  and  Boruto: Naruto the Movie 

For the first time Otsutsuki on the Moon is shown in this film

In the  Naruto series , it is only told that after Kaguya was sealed and became the Moon, Hamura and his descendants went to the Moon and guarded Kaguya's seal.

Retsu no Sho is a databook released at the same time as The Last, showing a lot of new info

Simultaneously with the release of the film,  the Retsu no Sho databook  was also released , which is  the seventh databook  in this series.

The Last: Naruto the Movie  is  the most successful Naruto

The film's total earnings in January 2016 were 2 billion Yen, making the film very successful, especially in Japan.

Naruto and Hinata's scarves symbolize the red thread of fate

This red scarf is a sign of the red thread of destiny, which in the end is the red thread or scarf of destiny that brings Naruto and Hinata together. Similar to Kushina's red hair which symbolizes the red thread of destiny for the Minato and Kushina couple.

There is an animation error, when Kurama writes on the Moon, he only has eight tails

Well, at that moment there was an animation error, Kurama appeared with eight tails, not nine. You can count it yourself (the tip of the tail) above.

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