All 10 Rinnegan Users In Naruto Series, Ranked By Strength

10) Black Zetsu

The manipulation of various historical events, was instrumental in bringing about the reincarnation of Kaguya-Hime as well as the lasting effects of the Rinnegan.


Ten-Tails of Kara could carry Tomoe, and maybe even as powerful as Kaguya’s Ten-Tails.  These entities hold the capability to devour entire oceans and shatter planets.

8) Madara Uchiha

He got Rinnegan by merging his sharingan with Hashirama’s cells.

7) Obito Uchiha

Obito who led a war against the six nations. He learned to use everything associated with the Six Paths Technique – from summoning Demonic Statues to creating Chakra Chains.

6) Nagato Uzumaki

Using his Rinnegan, Nagato created the “Six Paths of Pain” and controlled six corpses as his own body.

5) Juubi Madara

In fusions with the Ten Tails, displaying unbelievably high strength and using the Rinnegan skills.

4) Sasuke Uchiha

He inherited Rinnegan from Hagoromo and further strengthened his already outstanding capabilities by so doing.

3) Momoshiki

A tough opponent with absorbent abilities and a dangerous Otsutsuki with a Rinnegan in his hand.

2) Hagoromo

The sage of six paths who was the first holder of rinnegan and one of the most important characters in naruto series.

1) Kaguya Otsutsuki

Creator of chakra, holder of the Mangekyo Sharingan which matured into a Rinnegan.

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