Who dies “Stranger things 4″?: Find out which characters did not survive Vecna

Who dies “Stranger things 4″?: Find out which characters did not survive Vecna

Vecna is the new antagonistic creature that the Hawkins boys will have to face. Her power and evil intensifies in nightmares, much like Freddy Krueger did.

Season 4 of “Stranger things” is back and its chapters are darker, more disturbing and full of mystery than usual. The cycle begins with a death that turns Hawkins upside down. The author, Vecna, not only causes terror in the town, but will go after Max (Sadie Sink) and Steve (Joe Keery), who will see their lives in danger.

As the episodes progress, “Stranger things 4” leads us to learn more about Vecna, the terrifying creature that makes its way into the nightmares of teenagers before using its supernatural powers to kill them.


Image via Netflix

His main target is Max Mayfield, who is still reeling from the death of his brother Billy (Dacre Montgomery). Separated from Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and Mike (Finn Wolfhard), she will see how her life changes from one moment to the next after falling prey to said being.

Characters who died in “Stranger things 4″

Does Max die in season 4 of “Stranger things”?

Stranger things season 4 Sadie Sink as Max mayfield
Image via Netflix (Sadie Sink as Max mayfield)

No. Max manages to escape from Vecna, but it wasn’t easy. In the middle of the season, her friends race to find an answer to save her. At the last moment and after being captured by the creature, the group discovers that the answer to fighting the villain is to listen to music.

Does Nancy die in season 4 of “Stranger Things”?

Stranger things season 4 Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler
Image via Netflix (Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler)

Not yet. The first part ends with Nancy’s (Natalia Dyer) escape from the Upside Down thwarted by Vecna. He takes her to the Creel house where the young woman discovers the truth about her origins. Trapped ‘on the other side’, her fate is uncertain.

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