Who Plays Eddie Munson in ‘Stranger Things Season 4’? Joseph Quinn, actor behind the character who won over fans

Who is eddie munson?

Eddie Munson, a fearless ’80s metalhead who runs The Hellfire Club (Hawkins High’s official D&D club) and is played by actor Joseph Quinn.

Because he becomes one of the most significant characters in this new installment, since he will be involved in the center of the chaos that The Upside Down brings to his hometown, we tell you everything we know about life of the interpreter.

Who is Joseph Quinn?

Who Plays Eddie Munson in 'Stranger Things Season 4'? Joseph Quinn
Image: Netflix

Joseph Quinn is a British actor who was born on May 15, 1993 – he is currently 29 years old. During an interview with Nuit Magazine, the actor indicated that he had been attracted to acting since he was a child, so he was inclined to study theater at school.

“I got my fee money on the condition that I act. I did a play in my last year of sixth form, which we took to Edinburgh, ”he noted in the

After being in drama in primary and secondary, he attended the Academy of Music and Dramatic Art located in London, graduating in 2015.

Joseph Quinn movies and series

Over the years, the actor has had different roles in television series, short films and movies. Next, we mention his entire trajectory.


  • In 2011, “Zip Code” as Tim
  • In 2011, “Zip Code” as Tim
  • xIn 2017, “Game of thrones” as Koner
  • In 2017, “Howard’s End” as Leonard Bast
  • In 2018, “Les miserables” as Enjolras
  • In 2019, “Catherine the Great” as Tsarevich Pavel
  • In 2020, “Huelga” as Billy Caballero
  • In 2022, “Stranger things 4″ as Eddie Munson.


  • In 2019, “Constitute” as Tomás.

Short film:

  • In 2015, “Instinct” as Dan
  • In 2017, “Relatives” as Jaime.

Joseph Quinn: Instagram and Facebook of the actor

It should be noted that Quinn declared, in 2017, in an interview with Nuit magazine, that he does not like social networks.


I do not have a Facebook account. I used to have it, but I spent all my time looking at other people’s lives. I don’t have Instagram, because I find it an incredibly image-centric medium that devalues the use of words. I have Twitter, but because of how useful it is for the news and to see what other people are doing”, were the words of the British interpreter.

Currently, he has reopened his Instagram account, but only to promote “Stranger things 4″.

Joseph Quinn on Instagram

How many episodes does “Stranger things 4” have?

The new season of the series starring Millie Bobby Brown has 9 episodes, of which 7 are already available on Netflix.

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