Why did Deku leave UA High in My Hero Academia?

Why did Deku leave UA High in My Hero Academia?
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The anime series My Hero Academia or My Hero Academia Season 6 entered its finale with Final Act Saga. The situation is chaotic as All For One’s actions reduce the public’s trust in the pro-heroes and dangerous prisoners who escaped from Tartarus.

The battle with All for One and Shigaraki Tomura continues. The heroes must quickly find a hiding place before the main villain wakes up and recovers.

At the same time, Izuku Midoriya, aka Deku, decides to leave school and his class 1A friends. Why did Deku leave UA High in My Hero Academia? Find out the answers in the discussion below!

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Paranormal Liberation War Arc

My Hero Academia paranormal liberation war
Why did Deku leave UA High in My Hero Academia?

The Paranormal Liberation War left a negative impact on the My Hero Academia series. The awakening of All For One within Shigaraki’s body was what many could claim was a disaster, beginning with the destruction of cities, civilians, and even professional heroes.

Especially, due to the dark side of the number one hero Endeavor by Paranormal Liberation Front member criminal Dabi, the hero begins to lose the public’s trust.

Unexpectedly, Dabi turns out to be Endeavor’s first child, Toya Todoroki, who was supposed to be killed by his quirks. Dabi sabotages television broadcasts, reveals Endeavor’s past and the ugliness of several heroes, and shakes public opinion.

And there are many retired professional heroes. The community began to feel the need to protect themselves with the logistics of arms supply. Yet it is still dangerous because civilians are not trained for combat.

One For All is the target of All For One

One For All My Hero Academia
One For All My Hero Academia

Deku is one of the UA high school students directly involved in the fight against Shigaraki. It started after Deku realized that All for One, or more precisely, One for All, was after him.

Meanwhile, Deku also communicates with previous generation One For All users. With the help of a very young Deku, they were forced to do a difficult task – kill All for One. Deku was able to get the full support of all its predecessors. They agreed to help Deku with his quirks. Thanks to that, Deku evolved!

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Why did Deku leave UA High?

Why did Deku leave UA High in My Hero Academia?
Why did Deku leave UA High in My Hero Academia?

So what was Deku’s reason for leaving UA High and his friends? It turns out this was for everyone’s safety!

Deku and All Might decide to detail the situation, including the One For All’s secrets of Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist. They then devised a strategy to quickly locate Shigaraki before the villain recovered.

However, they couldn’t involve people who had nothing to do with it. They also wanted to avoid taking as much damage as before. In addition, UA High is now a place for the evacuation of civilians.

So Deku finally left school. He also left a letter for all the 1A-class students explaining Deku’s actual situation. Of course, this decision made Deku’s friends sad, and angry because he was in danger.

Deku works with All Might and Top 3 Pro Hero

Deku, All Might, Endeavour, Best Jeanist, and Hawks

As mentioned earlier, Deku and All Might finally reveal the truth about One for All to Endeavour, Best Jeanist, and Hawks. The five hunt down Shigaraki using Deku as bait.

Not only that, but the average civilian actually hates the heroes, but will try to help those who are being attacked by prisoners who have escaped from Tartarus. Likewise with the remnants of the surviving heroes, as well as the students of the Hero School.

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Given that this is the road to the end of the story, the anime plot of My Hero Academia Season 6 certainly makes it even more exciting. Will Deku become a vigilante figure? Or will class 1A friends bring Deku back to UA High?

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