9 Dramas and Movies Like Extraordinary Attorney Woo

9 Heartwarming Movies and Dramas Like Extraordinary Attorney Woo

The amazing and inspiring story of a lawyer with autism spectrum disorder made the drama a huge hit for Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Starting at 0.9%, the drama earned an 11.6% rating for its seventh episode.

Well, for the loyal viewers of this drama, you can listen to the following nine movies and dramas. Like the Extraordinary Attorney Woo, they all have heartwarming stories with many moral messages. Come look!

1. ‘Good Doctor‘ (2013) is the story of a boy diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, who struggles to become a pediatric surgeon.

2. Actors, not lawyers are key witnesses to murder in the autism film ‘Innocent Witness‘ (2019)

3. ‘Move to Heaven‘ (2021) also features characters with ASD. Smart Like Young Woo Jo Woo Loves Aquarium Fish

4. You can also see the sweet and cheerful behavior of Kang Tae Oh in ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo‘ in ‘Run On‘ (2020) Episode 16.

5. In the movie ‘Keys to the Heart‘ (2018), the younger brother of the main character has autism spectrum disorder. he is very talented at playing the piano

6. Based on a true story, ‘Marathon‘ (2005) features an autistic child who works hard to complete a marathon.

7. Ha Yoon Kyung The Spring Sun Starring Choi Su Yeon, ‘Hospital Playlist‘ (2020-2021) traces the lives of hospital workers and patients

8. One of the main characters in ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay‘ (2020) has ASD. He loves dinosaurs and is a fairy tale book illustrator

9. Like EAW, “Our Blues” (2022) discusses the importance of nondiscrimination against persons with disabilities in several contexts.

While you await the latest episode of The Extraordinary Attorney Woo, both have heartwarming and inspiring stories, which you can watch in the series titled above. enjoy watching!

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